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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 321

Chapter 321

Amber pushed Noah over the railing right in front of Rachel.

The man fell from the five-story high deck and plunged into the river with a splash. While the lights on the deck were luminous, the view around them was pitch black. At the same time, the ship was shrouded in fog.

Not even a single soul discovered that a life was lost on that fateful night.

“You killed him.” Rachel covered her bleeding neck and took a step back.

At this moment, Amber’s face was livid, but her eyes were horrendously red. She crouched down to pick up the knife. Even though it was covered in blood, she didn’t mind it one bit.

As she stared at Rachel, she sneered, “He deserved it. He tortured me for six years. He should have gone to hell a long time ago! I’m about to get the formula, so he wasn’t supposed to stay alive anymore!”

The blade reflected the moonlight as she pointed the knife at Rachel. “Tell me, what’s the password?”

With a pale face, Rachel held the railing behind her with one hand.

“Don’t expect anyone to save you. Do you think Noah was foolish? Do you believe he’d release Jolly just because you told him to do that?”

Rachel felt her heart skipping a beat. “What did the two of you do to Jolly?”

“Don’t worry. He wouldn’t dare to harm Jolly; she is just being detained somewhere. We were planning to release her after we got the password from you and left this place.” All of a sudden, Amber started laughing. “He shouldn’t have been so greedy. Now, he’ll never leave this place again; he’ll have to stay in this river forever! Alright, stop wasting time. Tell me the password, and I’ll give you a decent death.”

Apart from telling her the password, Rachel had no other way to stall for time. Left with no choice, she told her a set of numbers.

An eerie light lit up behind Amber’s eyes as she fished out her phone to contact someone from the pharmaceutical factory. Right then, she realized that there was no connectivity in this place. “What’s going on?”

Pretending to be clueless, Rachel asked, “What’s wrong?”

She was certain that Amber had no right to board this ship. That was the reason why Amber had dressed up to disguise herself. Amber must have told Noah to help her sneak into the ship, so she wasn’t aware that there was no connectivity in this place.

“Don’t move!” Amber pointed the knife at her and warned her before lifting her phone in an attempt to look for some cellular connectivity. “The connection here is terrible. If you dare to move, I’ll kill you right now!”

“I’m not moving.” Rachel raised her hands as she racked her brain to come up with a way to escape. “There doesn’t seem to be any connectivity here, Amber. Why don’t I leave with you and head to the factory after the ship reaches the harbor?”

Amber frowned and examined her. “Are you trying to flee when leaving the ship?”

“If you kill me now, how are you going to verify the password I’ve told you?”

The password? Suddenly thinking of something, Amber sneered. As she kept her phone, she inched closer to the other woman. “What do I need the password for? After I kill you, I’ll take over Hudson Pharmaceuticals and get someone to decode it. It’s not like your password is unbreakable.”

Damn it! Rachel felt her chest tightening. Why has she become so clever all of a sudden?

“You shouldn’t have come back, Rachel. All this wouldn’t have happened without you. So, you can’t blame me for doing this to you. Blame yourself for being sick of living!” As she spoke, Amber grasped the other woman’s arm.

A cold glint flashed through the blade. When Rachel was about to be harmed by the knife, she exclaimed as her pupils expanded. At this moment, she could clearly see a figure charging toward Amber from behind.

“Ahhh!” It was Amber who groaned in pain instead of Rachel as the towering figure kicked Amber aside.

When Amber saw the person, her gaze turned as dark as ink. “Justin! I’ll kill you all!”


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