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Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart novel Chapter 126

Jane was determined to solve it herself. Her ability was limited, but she had a lot of money in her hands.

The Cart Group wanted a price war, but she didn't.

She had to make each spending worthwhile.

Half a day later, Jane didn't think of a good idea. The female lead was an idling rich lady and never cared about making money. She just enjoyed herself.

On her first day at work, Jane was in trouble.

"Madam, did you post on Weibo?"

The phone rang, and Frederic's voice sounded.

Ever since Jane and Frederic worked together to broadcast the Duncan Group's shareholders' meeting, Frederic had changed his attitude towards her.


Jane was recruiting with great fanfare as the company's conditions could not be concealed.

"This is the situation. Frederic, do you have any good suggestions?"

Jane felt that she had to sign up for a class and start from scratch when it came to managing a business.

"You said that almost all the employees of the jewelry company have left, not even a cleaner is left?"

Frederic opened his mouth wide and couldn't close it for a long time.

He lowered his head and took out his calculator. Ten seconds later, Frederic concluded that the Cart Group had to pay at least 30 million to attract talents over.

"Daisy is just hurting herself."

He was shocked at the result.

Jane clicked her tongue. Because she was angry and wanted to see Daisy suffer, she casually spent the money.

Daisy did not know the hardships of life. She did not know how to maintain a luxurious life if the Carts went bankrupt in the future.

"Madam, listen to me."

Frederic took out an employee handbook of the Duncan Group.

Article 31 of the Labor Law stipulates: "When a worker terminates a labor contract, he shall notify the employer in writing 30 days in advance. A worker who unilaterally terminates the labor contract shall have no substantive evidence and only needs to fulfill the obligation to notify the employer in advance.

However, the employees left without completing the handover. The Cart Group encouraged them to leave collectively, and they would hire a lawyer to sue them one by one.

"Are you going to sue the former employees of the jewelry company?"

Frederic asked. The consequence of the abrupt resignation was serious, and loss had yet to be estimated.

"Forget it."

Jane thought for a while and decided to turn the page.

Keeping a plan B would be helpful in the future.

It was reasonable that employees changed to better jobs.

The real mastermind was Daisy, and the staff was just pawns.

Moreover, Jane analyzed that Daisy wanted a temporary thrill, so she poached everyone.

Jane knew very well that the design team Daisy had poached was not a good one at all, even if they would work at the Cart Group.

Jane didn't care how long Daisy was willing to do this.

It was a rule in the workplace that one with the worst performance would be dismissed.

"So, from some aspects, Daisy helped me a lot."

Jane repeated what she had said to Daisy. Frederic clicked his tongue. So Jane may have pissed Daisy off, right?

"You called just to ask about the recruitment of the jewelry company? How about it? Any candidate?"

Jane's Weibo post had set off a wave of job applications. In a few hours, she received hundreds of resumes in her email box.

Jane didn't know how to run a company, so she planned to hire a professional.

The premise was that this person was trustworthy and would not be easily poached by Daisy.

"Madam, I have something to trouble you."


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