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Turning Of The Tide (Natalie and Trevon) novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 

At the Athana Hospital cafeteria, Sherri handed a set of keys to Natalie as soon as she sat down. Here you are. This car has excellent performance in all aspects. You can race it the way you want, but be careful.” 

The car was Sherri’s brother’s, and Sherri had her family’s driver send the car over. Her driving skills weren’t good, so she dared not buy a sports car

Natalie stopped eating, put the keys in her pocket, and said, Thanks.” 

Sherri gave her a look and said, Natalie, in fact, you can ask Mr. Wilson for help. As long as he comes to help you, Mr. Foster won’t even dare to touch you in the future.” 

Sherri and Natalie grew up together, so she knew Harry and his family too well. She was terrified that they would do something unfavorable to Natalie in the future

Natalie paused her movement on the fork in her hand, feeling sad. It seemed that she could not get help from anyone but Sherri. When she was a child, she was bullied, and for fear that her grandfather would worry about her, she could only fight back by herself. Later, Sherri’s brother stepped in to scare those who bullied her so that they did not dare bully her 


Her current marriage was not really a marriage at all. How could Mr. Wilson care about her or help her? She could only rely on herself

What are you thinking about? Do you see us two as a normal couple? We’re just housemates!” 

You guys really sleep in separate rooms all the time? So you don’t even have a way to seduce him? I still want to know how many abs Mr. Wilson has.” 

Natalie choked on a mouthful of soup. CoughIf you still want to have a conversation with me, then stop your nasty thinking.” 

You’re not like a normal woman. You don’t even like handsome guys. You’re living under the same roof with such a handsome guy every day. How can you not even be interested? Are you blind or something?” 

Miss Landor, are you mistaken about the problem? Come here. Take a look at me. Don’t I look pretty?” 

Yes, you do. You always look pretty.” 

So, it’s Mr. Wilson who doesn’t like me. Why should I move forward and ask for a snub?” 

Initially, she planned to enjoy her married life after she got married and not get a divorce as long as she could. She even hoped once that Trevon could take a fancy to her


How could she not remain sober when the agreement was clearly presented to her? She was simply regarded as a scheming bitch, not to mention he would take a fancy to her

Alas, all right. That’s because he’s blind. Those who are not blind will definitely take a fancy to you. I bet Mr. Wilson will like you and won’t want to divorce you” 

Natalie was speechless for a while. Let’s eat and rest. We have to work this afternoon.” 

She felt that Sherri was being unrealistic When they moved in together the day after registering for marriage. Trevon was eager for her to sign an agreement. He was afraid that she was after his money, and the dates on the agreement were from the day before they registered for marriage. He was as wary of her as he would be of a thiet 

However, she still hadn’t told Sherri about this matter, as three months was very short anyway

Near the end of work, Natalie planned to text Jim, telling him that she wouldn’t be returning for a few days

Chapter 11 

But she stopped just as she pulled out her phone to type

She thought to herself. Forget it. I don’t need to send the message. Trevon doesn’t care if I go back or not, so why bother?Then she put the phone back into her pocket

At the same time, she was thinking about whether she should go back to Adare Manor or not

She thought to herself, Well, the two maids at Foster’s residence are too old and can’t be harassed by those people. I’d better go back to Adare Manor.With that in mind, she immediately sent a message to her colleague saying she was willing to help. on duty for free and asking her colleague not to come to work tonight.. 

She could solve those people better after dark. If she returned to Adare Manor during the day, it would be easy for those people to find out where she lived. She should never let her scumbag dad know where she currently lived.. 

She could drive faster to get rid of those people at night

At 12:15 AM, just as she got in the car and started the engine, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw the motorcycle, thought of as well hidden by the people following her, start tailing her

The corners of Natalie’s lips curled up in an arc of ridicule, mockery, and sadness. She was saddened because these people were sent by her father

These people must have been watching her all day, How else could they have followed her as soon as she got into the car? They had been waiting for her to appear

Those people were working so hard. They waited for her there all day long on such a cold day. They were indeed trying so hard for money

She did not drive to the previous road today but instead to a remote road. She found this road by accident. There were only dim street lights on both sides of the road, no surveillance, and no oncoming traffic

Natalie raised the car’s speed to 87 mph and was still accelerating. The motorcycle behind her was afraid of losing her. The person sitting in the back of the motorcycle loudly reminded. Damn, hurry up. Don’t lose her again. Is this bitch crazy? She’s driving so fast.” 

The person driving the motorcycle said, Shut up. We’ll make that woman pay more.” 

The man in the back seat was happy to hear about the word money.” One million dollars. They usually needed to do several deals to make this money

Their employer only asked them to make the target disabled or unconscious, with no risk of jail time. What a great deal

At a turn, Natalie suddenly drifted with a sharp brake and stopped sideways. She did all this very fast. The people behind her on the motorcycle were so scared that their faces were twisted. Fortunately, they were skilled and quickly abandoned the motorcycle to jump off in unison

As expected, she saw the motorcycle overturn. She then got straight out of the driver’s seat

She could see the people following her were professional. Their jumping action was very agile. After jumping and rolling, they were not hurt at all and got up from the ground with nimble movements

Perhaps Natalie’s action angered them. They picked up the iron bars and headed straight toward her with a murderous look

Trevon did not like bring stuck on the road, so he and Jim always took this remote road. All along, they had not encountered any accidents on this road, but today, when the car just drove to the corner, they saw a woman standing straight and two men holding air iron bat, ready to bight

Of it was not a fight but a brating 

Inn took pary on that woman and asked tentatively. Mr Wilson, should we go help it was too dark for them to see the woman’s face but from the woman’s long hair, thury could tell it a woman with a nice figure 

A cold, low voice rang out in the confined space. Turn off the headlights.” 

What? Mr. Wilson, are we really not going to help? This girl will definitely be killed. The iron bars in those two men’s hands were so thick. Were they really going to just watch aside

She can beat them


was surprised and thought to himself, Mr. Wilson even knows this? Does he know this woman?” 

As they turned over, before the motorcycle rolled over on its side, Trevon caught a glimpse of the woman in the driver’s seat. It was not until the woman opened the door and got off that he could see her face clearly and was shocked

He felt that she wouldn’t have gotten off blindly if she didn’t have some skills. Somehow, he felt she wasn’t stupid

Jim had no choice. His boss did not let him get out of the car to help. He could not disobey the order

He just watched quietly but was also curious about Mr. Wilson’s speculation

Seeing the two men rushing toward her, a playful smile appeared at the corner of Natalie’s mouth

One man was trying to hit her hard with an iron bar, but she deftly dodged it from the side and turned around with a flying kick. She kicked the man’s face with unerring accuracy. She exerted much strength on that kick, and the man fell to the ground


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