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Turning Of The Tide (Natalie and Trevon) novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 

At the same time, the Foster family was not in a pleasant state 

Harry had a gloomy face, emanating a hostile aura. He was on the verge of anger and expressed extreme dissatisfaction with his wife, saying. Look at what you’ve done. Now, what do you suggest we do? Not only did we fail to harm Natalie and alert her, but she must have figured out it was us. Wasn’t it supposed to be foolproof? Well. It’s far from it. His tone was filled with blame for Elena’s incompetence

Not content with just reprimanding her, he thought for a moment and added, You didn’t leave any evidence behind, did you? If something happens, you’ll have to deal with it yourself. If I’m out of the pie ture, you’ll all be left high and dry 

Harry was incredibly disappointed with what Elena had accomplished this time. She couldn’t even successfully bump into 


She seemed to spend her days playing cards, shopping, and indulging in beauty treatments

Harry didn’t understand why he was so infatuated with her

At this moment, Elena had her heart filled with fear. She lowered her head and glanced down, her fingers tightly clenched in her palm. She hadn’t informed Harry about the extortion. Trembling, she replied, I don’t know when Natalie learned those skills and became so capable of fighting. She never showed any signs of it before. If I had known, I definitely wouldn’t have arranged things this wayShe didn’t mention that it wasn’t supposed to end in failure

As she finished speaking. Elena slowly lifted her head and observed Harry’s expression. She noticed his brow was still furrowed, but it had eased slightly. She began to console him, saying, But Harry, don’t worry I haven’t left any evidence behind. And I’ve already destroyed the contact phone card. It wasn’t registered under a real name. Natalie won’t know it was us. If something really happens, I won’t involve you” 

Harry finally relaxed his brow. And the tension in his nerves cased

Elena couldn’t believe that Natalie was a profesional fighter. Those two big men were no match for her. And they couldn’t even get close to her

According to those two men, Natalie didn’t sustain any injuries. But the two men they sent were both severely injured. One had three broken ribs and a minor concussion, while the other dislocated his hand. It was all because of Natalie. She even broke one of his legs

Those two men disturbed Elena and Harry’s intimate moment early in the morning. Fuming angrily, they threatened to turn over the recorded conversation to the police if they didn’t receive money. At that time, they would all meet their demise together

Elena had no choice but to pay one million dollars to obtain the socalled recording and put an end to the matter

However, this money came from her private stash, stored with a friend overseas. She deceived Harry, telling him that everything was taken care of. If he found out about the large sum of money she had saved and found that she gave away one million dollars to the other party, Harry would kill her. Her future days…. 

Just as Harry was starting to calm down, he realized that Natalie was capable of fighting to such an extent, and she had kept it a secret from him. Through gritted teeth, he cursed. This cunning brat is devious and sly. She managed to deceive all of us. with her skills. In all those years of surveillance at the mansion, no one ever reported anything about this. Look at what she did to those men. Is this how a young girl should behave? She’s like a wild wolf that hasn’t been tamed.Harry thought that Natalie was so relentless

He had no idea that his own daughter possessed such impressive skills. He would never have allowed Elena to act recklessly if he had known earlier. Now, they were left emptyhanded, unsure how to reclaim their assets

After Harry’s exwife jumped off the building. Barron demanded to sever ties with him. Moreover, Barron even took in Natalie. Fearing that his father would influence and groom Natalie, Harry sent someone to take care of them

Until Natale turned 15, the person Harry had sent to take care of them would only report mundane details of her daily 

routine, such as going to school, coming back home, and doing homework. Feeling sorry for the money spent, Harry found excuses to dismiss the person responsible for the reports

With a headache, Harry held his aching forehead, feeling annoyed and irritable

The living room fell into silence

Emily, who woke up late, descended the stairs in her slippers and noticed something was amiss in the atmosphere of the living room. When Elena saw her daughter’s arrival, she gave Emily a discreet signal, using eye contact and mouthing the words that things had gone awry

Emily, who received the signal, knew why her father had a troubled expression on his face

She casually approached her father, Harry, and gracefully sat beside him. Then she gently linked her arm with his and said. in a sweet and affectionate voice, Daddy, why are you so impatient? You know Natalie’s temperament well. The more you confront her, the more she resists. We need to find her weak points. Just think about it, who is the most important to her in her heart? Isn’t it Grandfather and her mother?” 

Harry, upon hearing his daughter’s words, remained calm. He didn’t need her to say it. He already knew that Natalie didn’t see him as a father but rather as an enemy

However, the two people who mattered the most to Natalie were already dead. So what could he use to threaten her

Seeing that her father had little interest in listening, Emily continued to the main point. She said, We can use what Natalie values the most, can’t we? We can make her exchange her shares by telling her that there are still important things in your possession related to her grandfather and mother. She’ll have to sign the share transfer agreement if she wants them

Isn’t Mom’s birthday coming up next month? Why don’t we throw a banquet and invite her over? It will be harder for her to lose her temper in a crowd. We can plan everything then. Do you think she won’t yield?” 

Emily’s eyes gleamed with calculations and pride

Harry’s eyes suddenly lit up. And then he repeatedly praised his clever daughter. Emily felt delighted by the praise. And the gloom that Elena had brought earlier dissipated

But Harry was still a little worried that Natalie wouldn’t come

Dad, don’t worry. She will definitely come. As long as we make Mom’s birthday banquet grand, we can lure her in.Emily 


Emily thought that if Harry made sure everyone knew about Natalie’s stepmother’s birthday celebration and mentioned. that there were belongings of her deceased mother in the Foster’s residence, Natalie was bound to come

Emily believed that given Natalie’s temperament, Natalie wouldn’t tolerate her mother, Elena, who had ruined the marriage. showing off so brazenly

Emily’s repeated assurance finally put Harry’s lingering worries to rest

Emily reminded Harry, saying, Dad, during this time, let’s not go and find her. We should make Natalie lower her guard so she won’t suspect our motives. That way, the banquet will have a better chance of success.” 

On the other hand, today was a rare occasion when both doctors finished work at the same time

It was worth celebrating

Sherri said, Natalie, it’s been a while since we went to a bar. How about I take you out tonight to find some eye candy? Let’s have a good time since we don’t have to wake up early for the night shift tomorrow.” 

Natalie let her cascading curls down. However, she always tied up her hair neatly when she went to work

I’m not going. I don’t want to be hungover and have to work tomorrow,Natalie replied. Besides, Sherri tended to act differently when she drank. It seemed that she would become an entirely different person

Natalie was worried she couldn’t handle Sherri without Edward’s presence

Well. Come on, Natalie. Let me tell you about it. A huge new bar opened in Athana this year, and I haven’t been there yet. Come with me and see what it’s like, Sherri said. She had never been to the Lithern Club since its grand opening. But she heard from her circle of friends that it was a hotspot for handsome men and beautiful girls

The energy and rhythm there were off the charts

It had been Sherri’s extravagant fantasy for a long time. But due to their conflicting work schedules, she couldn’t spend time 

off with her best friend

Moreover, she also wanted to help Natalie let loose and vent. Because she felt her friend had been carrying too many burdens, fearing that it might take a toll on Natalie’s health

With Sherri’s persistent shaking, Natalie’s willpower weakened. And then she reluctantly nodded in agreement

After Natalie returned the car to Sherri in the morning, the driver returned it to the Landor family’s underground garage

Sherri was worried that Natalie might criticize her driving skills later. So she asked in advance. Who is going to drive, you or me?” 

Giving Sherri a disdainful glance, Natalie replied, I don’t know the directions. So you drive.” 


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