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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 10

The next second, Freya denied her thought.

She knew Seth’s family had their own company. Since Kieran was Seth’s uncle, he shouldn’t be a gigolo.

Besides, he wasn’t the man hired by Alisha, so he couldn’t be a gigolo.

Freya’s mind was in a mess. Alisha had found her a gigolo that night. How could Seth end up in her room? Did Seth enter the wrong room?

The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t figure it out. Freya finally gave up. Anyway, she didn’t have any feelings for Seth. He was the children’s father, which would be better than that their father was a gigolo.

Feeling that Kieran was gazing at her without a blink, Freya looked down subconsciously. In a coincidence, her gaze fell on his perfect lips.

He kissed her this morning.

In a hurry, she looked away and followed Seth’s address to him to greet him, “Hi, Uncle Kieran.”

Uncle Kieran?

Kieran frowned, wondering if he looked that old.

Seth called him uncle because he was Seth’s mother’s younger brother. In fact, he was only one year older than Seth. Freya called him uncle, making him feel they were from two generations.

Seeing Kieran frown, Freya felt nervous. She wondered if Kieran still minded that she had mistaken him as a gigolo.

After all, Kieran should be an uncle to Jaden and Jayla as well. If there was always a knot in his heart, they would feel awkward to meet in the future.

Freya cleared her throat to speak something to ease her relationship with Kieran. “Well, Uncle Kieran, I’m sorry for this morning. I might have said something inappropriate. Please don’t take it to heart. Oh, please don’t pay the one-hundred-dollar visit fee. That’s my apology to you.”

“Boss, do you know Uncle Kieran? Does he owe you money?” Seth asked Freya in disbelief.

Kieran ignored Seth. He looked up at Freya. “Your Facebook.”

“What?” Freya was taken aback, wondering what Kieran meant.

“I’ll wire you the money.”

“Oh,” Freya answered. Then she told Kieran her Facebook ID.

Freya felt like an elementary school student when facing Kieran. She had always considered herself an independent and wise woman. However, whenever she was with Kieran, she behaved like a retard.

Instantly, Kieran added Freya to his contact on Facebook and wired her the visit fee.

Seth looked at Kieran’s ID in Freya’s contact. Uncle Kieran had added Boss’s Facebook, but he hadn’t become Kieran’s contact on Facebook yet.

He decided to add Kieran to his contact list and show it off to his mother.

Thinking about that, Seth acted quick, grabbed Freya’s phone, found Kieran’s ID, and sent him a friend request.

However, Kieran rejected him.

“Why did you reject me?” Seth looked so upset. “Uncle Kieran, you don’t love me anymore, do you?”

Kieran’s lips twitched. “I’m sorry, but you are not my style.”

His words were familiar...


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