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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 12

Freya was shocked; she did not expect these people were going to do this. This kind of framing is cliché, but she would have to admit as well, they are vicious.

There are a lot of videos about wives beating up mistresses online, in those videos, a lot of the mistresses were beaten up and stripped down by the wife. If she was to suffer the same fate, and the video was posted online, her reputation would be ruined.

Alisha is going to make her suffer the worst.

"You shameless mistress, homewrecker, I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!" The woman was going to grab Freya's arm as she spoke.

Freya was not looking to beat up anyone, but the situation called for it, and she could not just let a bunch of crazy women do what they wanted.

Kieran's eyes narrowed dangerously, his long legs stretched out, but before he could reach Freya, the woman's heavy body was thrown on the floor with a thud.

"Ah!" The woman screamed like she was being murdered, "Who pushed me?! I'm going to kill you!"

Seth hurried forward and stood before Freya, he clapped his hands lightly.

"Ewe, so much grease."

"You? You bastard dare to push me?! I'm going to beat the living hell out of you!"

The woman waved at her helpers. "Girls, let's show this Blondie what we can do!"


Seth touched his hair, his hair is indeed blonde, but Blondie was a little bit harsh in his opinion.

He usually would not hit women, but these women dared to bully Boss, he would not mind fighting them.

The woman yelled for a while but none of her helpers were going to step up, she could only stomp in anger, she was going to say something, but one of her friends grabbed her arm, trembling, "Connie, he... He looks like Mr. Levin..."

"I don't care if he's Mr. Levin or whatever, he's helping that mistress, I'm going to kill him!” She dashed towards Seth as she spoke.

Preston immediately grabbed the women's arm, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, his face was plastered with a fake smile, "Mr. Levin, what, what are you doing here?"

"This is my family's hospital, can I come to visit?" Seth wrapped his arms around Freya protectively, he had this look of carelessness, but the power exuded from him is making them hard to breathe.

"Of course, you can! Of course, you can!" Preston's smile was so big his face started to hurt. "Mr. Levin, you and Freya..."

"What, she's my, she's my wife!" Seth's arm grew tighter around Freya; he narrowed his eyes and stared at Victor, who was invisibly pale. "You said my wife seduced you?! What a joke! How could my wife seduce you after she had me?"

After hearing Seth's words, everyone around cannot help but compared Seth with Victor, they all agreed that even if they were all blind, they would like to feel Mr. Levin's biceps than to touch Victor's grease.

There's no doubt that Freya was being framed by this shameless couple.

"Daddy, mommy!"

Jaden and Jayla rushed over one by one, Jaden checked Freya closely, after making sure Freya was not hurt, he sighed in relief.

Jayla was looking at Seth, admiringly, "Daddy, you did so well! Such a gentleman!"

Got a compliment from the kids again! So happy!

Seth's heart melted, he picked up Jayla with a look of pleasure, "Well done, right? I could do even better!"


Jaden muttered to himself, but the corner of his lips could not help but tug upward.


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