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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 34

The marriage certificate?

As Eleanor's voice trailed off, Freya's face registered surprise. Was this too fast?

Seth didn't expect his mom to bring the marriage up, and he was afraid that would scare Freya away.

He gently nudged Eleanor and said, "Mom, you get too fast! We just started to date each other! You scare her!"

"Well, it's my fault. I shouldn't get this fast. Freya, please forgive my rudeness. You know, I'm just a mom who hopes his son to get a good wife!" Eleanor looked at Freya with a smile. Eleanor came to like Freya, and her eyes couldn't leave Freya.

Eleanor knew Freya because Seth had fallen secretly in love with Freya since childhood. His son didn't have the courage to confess. Thanks to the accident that happened five years ago, Seth met Freya again.

But Freya seemed to have no interest in Seth. Eleanor had to help him win Freya back.

Kieran instinctively clenched his hands. "What? Did they start dating?

The jealousy fluttered inside his chest.

Seth cooked the dinner for the kids. He took out the iron-man pattern apron and wore it. Then he turned around and showed off in front of the kids. "Hey, does daddy look good?"

"Daddy is handsome! Better than Iron Man!" Jayla gave Seth an air kiss like a little fan of him.

Seth got fired up after earning Jayla's praise, and he showed off to Freya, "Look, my baby girl said I'm handsome! Freya, do you think so after losing some weight?"

When Freya remembered back in schooldays, Seth was a wimpy kid having a snotty nose, and she burst out laughing, "Well, it gets more handsome and cockier!"

"Freya, you bully me!" Seth said in a grievance, but he was happy after Freya praised him.

"I'm just telling the truth!" Freya said with an expression of indignant innocence. Thinking of the funny stories in childhood, Freya suddenly burst out laughing.

Amid the laughter, Freya felt like traveling back to those good old days. She became more relaxed in front of Seth. Freya used to treat Seth as her best friend. Maybe she could do better if things kept going like this.

Although Eleanor was in her early forties, she acted like a child. She had not cooked for decades, but tonight, she insisted on cooking for her future daughter-in-law.

Seth gave up struggling after being endlessly pestered by Eleanor and let her join him in the kitchen.

Freya felt it was inappropriate to do nothing in the house, so she intended to help in the kitchen. But Eleanor drove her out.

The kids went to the bedroom with their toys, so only Freya and Kieran remained in the living room.

When she felt that someone was staring at her, Freya raised his head and met Kieran's brown eyes.

They looked at each other, and Freya's expression instantly grew serious.

She nodded at Kieran, "Mr. Fitzgerald."

"Yes," Kieran stared through Freya with silent hostility, especially when he thought of her bright smile that disappeared a few seconds ago.

Freya was cheerful in front of Seth, but once she was with Kieran, Freya had a taut expression on her face.

Was he that scary?

"Does your hand still hurt?"

The low, mellow voice came into Freya's ears, Freya naturally nodded her head in response, and after a while, she hurriedly started shaking her head.


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