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Uncle's Love: My Sweet Little Wife novel Chapter 5

Kara followed Libby upstairs. Lying down for a while, she felt that the wounds on her back hurt, so she asked Libby to help her apply medicine to them.

When Libby saw the wounds on Kara's back, she felt so sorry for her. She couldn't help but wonder if Mr. James had hurt her.

It was so rare to see a young and beautiful girl around Mr. James, but he still treated her so sadistically. No wonder he had never had a girlfriend!

Kara did not know that Libby had misunderstood James. She was not feeling very well and could not go to school, so she called her teacher to ask for a day off.

However, the teacher told her that her aunt Sophia and her cousin Kathleen had gone to school to look for her and to take her home.

That reminded Kara of her grandma's twisted face and Sophia's hypocritical smile. She was so frightened that she hung up the phone immediately. She couldn't rest assured, so she even turned off her phone.

For the Quain Group's shares, her uncle Adam would never stop hunting for her.

However, with her capacities now, the chance of obtaining the Quain Group's shares was zero.

If only Uncle James could help her...

Thinking of the tall and strong man's sullen but handsome face appeared, Kara began to bite the tip of her chopsticks and ponder.

"Libby, do you know where Uncle James' place is?"

Hearing the girl ask the question in a low voice, Libby turned to look at her delicate little face, and she couldn't help but be amazed by it.

This girl looked like a porcelain doll. No wonder Mr. James liked her. Libby wanted to pinch her chubby little face every time she heard her sweet voice.

"Miss Kara, this is the villa of your Uncle James."

Kara's eyes widened in surprise. She had asked Uncle James to help her find a safe place, but she had never expected that he would bring her to his place!

"Then why hasn't Uncle James come back here in the past few days?"

"Mr. James has gone on a business trip. He is busy with his work. He only stays in this country for a few days a month."

So he would be back here after his business trip?

Kara could feel her heart pounding faster. Her amber colored eyes lit up as she said, "Do you know when Uncle James will be back?"

Libby smiled wryly. She was just a cook. How could she know about that?

Libby couldn't bear to see the girl lower her head in disappointment.

When Kara went upstairs to have a rest, Libby called Nolan after thinking for a while, and she found that James would be back tonight.

After Kara got the news from Libby that Uncle James would be back in the evening, she also ran to the kitchen to help before dinner.

Unfortunately, she had never been in the kitchen since she was young, and she could not even name all the things in the kitchen. She almost hurt her finger when she tried to chop some vegetables.

Looking at Kara's beautiful fingers, Libby wanted to refuse her help. However, since Kara knew that she was on her own now and that she had to be strong, she didn't want to give up any chance to learn.

After cracking eight eggs, she finally learned how to beat eggs. Libby's lips twitched as she looked at the big smile on Kara's excited face, as well as the bowl of eggs with eggshells in it.

After dinner was ready, Kara sat on the sofa, staring outside with her sparkling eyes.


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