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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 15

Luther started his Maybach and the car instantly lit up.

Joyce had already fastened her seat belt, and she was holding her forehead with one hand, showing slight fatigue.

The limousine left in the dust, the neon lights speeding through from the windows of the car.

On the way home, Joyce began to talk about rules with Luther.

She sounded sleepy, "I did not expect what happened today, and there are still many things we should talk about. First of all, since I have to sleep in your bedroom, please use another room for yourself during this period. This way, grandma won't easily notice."

Luther held the steering wheel with one hand, resting the other on the window, his posture handsome and neat.

His cold thin lips slightly hooked, he said disdainfully, "What are you worried about? Someone like you? Do you really think that I can do that to you?"

At the word, Joyce subconsciously looked down at her chest. What could be wrong with her? She even found it hard to buy underwear her size.

He followed her gaze and glanced at her.

At this time, the dim yellow light of the car reflected her face.

She was lazily reclining against the door, and the little hills on her chest got even more obvious. Then he saw her slender waist. It was just so perfect that he could not even control himself.

Luther just felt his breathing tighten.

He looked like he was choking on himself, "Ahem."

Joyce didn't care about his mockery and continued.

"Second, you cannot interfere with my freedom, I will try my best to return to the house early every day and spend some time with Grandma when I can."

"But there would be times when I do not make it to come back. I am a student after all."

She had her own business, Justin was about to have surgery, and she needed to be there for him.


He sort of agreed.

"Third, I took a total of 800,000 from you. I will find a way to pay you back this money, here is the IOU."

Joyce finished and handed him a note that she had prepared earlier.

"What are you going to pay me back with?" He snorted lightly.

"It's going to be a little long, and I haven't graduated yet, but I'll definitely pay it back." Joyce pursed her lips and continued, "As you know, I got into Professor Owens' automotive design and development group as an intern, and will get a salary for my internship. If the design is shortlisted for an award, there will be a substantial bonus. I will try my best."

The man next to her was not something she could afford to mess with.


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