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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 17

Luther raised his sword-shaped eyebrows slightly, "You know her?"

Charlotte smiled sweetly, "Couldn't be more familiar. We grew up together in an orphanage. We're good friends."

In fact, they were nothing like good friends. She and Joyce at best nodded at each other when they met.

It was just that she thought it might bring her and Luther closer together if she said that.

"Oh." Luther's heart shuddered lightly. Joyce had actually grown up in an orphanage! He hadn't deliberately investigated her past before and wasn't really interested. After all, it was just a fake marriage relationship that would soon end.

Now, he found this Joyce a little more interesting.

"How did you know Joyce then?" Charlotte continued.

"A casual acquaintance." Luther didn't want to mention it much.

Charlotte didn't ask any more questions. She was very sensible.

It seemed there must be something between Luther and Joyce. She had to deal with it carefully.

Since she grew up in an orphanage, she was of course good at understanding people’s attention.

"You don’t have to worry about that night,” Charlotte gently bit her lip, her voice a bit remorseful, "I don't regret it if I could save you. It certainly should not be a burden to you. I'm okay."

Taking a step back before an advance was also something she was good at.

She gently twisted her fingers and her shoulders trembled lightly, looking helpless.

There were tears under her long and slightly drooping eyelashes. She knew every man would just feel bad for her this way.

Sure enough.

Luther was silent.

He blamed himself a bit. Charlotte saved his life after all, and he also took her virginity. After he left her that night, he even found her blood stains on his clothes.

And just now, he had the idea of spending money to send off someone who saved him. He was just being totally irresponsible.

When he first possessed her, he had promised to marry her.

He did not forget, although he had some difficulty accepting it within his heart. But he was a man who had always put responsibility first.

After a little thought, he solemnly said, "I will give you an explanation, but it will take some time."

Charlotte nodded gently and deliberately pretended to hold back her tears, showing a hint of shyness.

At that moment, Shelly happened to pass by and saw her brother and rushed up to him, "Brother, why are you here at school?"

She took a look at Charlotte. Well, she looked sweet indeed.


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