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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 28

Today, the Heath family celebrated the recovery of their daughter with a feast.

Everybody was looking forward to seeing the warlord's descendant.

The lights focused on the top of the revolving staircase and the media swarmed up.

The flashing lights were staggered and blindingly dazzling.

With the flowers, applause and music, a woman in a white princess dress slowly walked down, covered with fine diamonds as the glitter of stars.

Fine eyebrows and almond eyes. Bright and charming.

The daughter was none other than Charlotte.

Luther was both surprised and shocked that Charlotte was the long-lost daughter of the Capitalthe Heath family.

The granddaughter of the military general, the daughter of the general. She was indeed the descendant of the warlord.

Joyce was also surprised that she hadn't seen Charlotte at school for a while, and she remembered that the orphanage's director Rachel had called them to identify their relatives and left their hair and nails for DNA tests.

Little did she know that it would be Charlotte who would find her family.

Along with Charlotte was her mother Cecelia. The identity of her father Ralph was too special to show up in the public.

Joyce could not help but looked Cecelia again. She was extremely shocked that Cecelia had indescribable temperament. She was more than beautiful, gentle, noble, truly a lady from the big and noble family.

Joyce was truly attracted by Cecelia that she could not help but take a few steps forward.

Charlotte slowly stepped down the stairs, passing by Joyce. Her lips curled up in a meaningful smile. Once she reached the top, she could think of the status and glory added to her body that she never dared to imagine. She became a princess-like celebrity from an orphan girl who used to be treated badly.

From now on, she, Charlotte, was also at the top of the pyramid.

She could get every single thing as long as it was what she wanted.

Joyce must not have imagined that all should belong to her.

Including ......

Charlotte looked lovingly at Luther with the softest smile.


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