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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 4

Evil thoughts were flying around in her head.

If she pretended that she saved such a man like him and had sex with him, she might be able to fly up the ladder from now on! Anyway, she had lost her virginity long ago. She had a boyfriend herself and had even slept with her tutors from school.

How could she miss such a great opportunity?

Oh, Joyce, although the two of them grew up together in an orphanage…

But inside her heart, she hates Joyce extremely, because Joyce is always the most dazzling one around them. She was just everywhere to steal her limelight, and even the dean also liked Joyce the most.

Joyce left the orphanage for shooting training a few years later and no one competed with her anymore.

And she climbed into her college mentor's bed and made it to Khebury's best, Cunard University.

But to her surprise, Joyce gave up the shooting competition and enrolled in Cunard University. And because of her excellent grades and good looks, she became quite famous in the school.

Damn! Joyce was able to skip a grade to get into Cunard near the end of her sophomore year, and she felt just so jealous.

It was as if she could never get rid of Joyce, always living under her glory.

She could not bear it any longer.

Joyce would never have imagined that such an excellent opportunity to get into the upper society would be taken away by her.

Immediately, she ran to the riverside to soak herself all over and bandage the wound on his leg.

And again, her clothes were all deliberately wrinkled and torn in some places. Finally, she bit her own lips.

She pinched herself hard on her legs and her eyes were suddenly filled with tears.

After making all the preparations and disguises.

She called for an ambulance and then stood by his side until he woke up.

She reckoned that the shrill ringing of the ambulance must have brought him to his senses. And the ambulance's dazzling lights would be enough for him to see her clearly.

Everything, water to water, seamless.

After waiting for a long time.

The loud sound of the ambulance pierced the long sky, and the dazzling flashing red lights lit up the dark night.

Luther was awakened by a noise and his head was dizzy.

He no longer felt hot, but relaxed instead. He struggled to open his eyes.

A faint sobbing sound came from beside him.

"You're awake? I called an ambulance and the car is already here."

"You ......"

In his mind, the charming scene just now came tumbling up and he knew what he had done.


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