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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 421

"Who's thinking about you? Nonsense." Her handsome face was so close that she couldn't help but duck back.

However, his palm wrapped around her slender waist and pulled her directly into his arms, pressing her closely below the waists.

Joyce's cheeks were hot and she instantly recalled the restrictive scene of the morning. She pressed her fists against his thick chest to stop him from going any further, "Let go, we are at the company. What are you doing?"

"My company, I can do whatever I want!" Luther smiled wickedly.

Now he especially enjoyed teasing her. The more she is annoyed and angry, the more he found it interesting.

The thought that tonight he would solve everything made him so happy, and he was more excited to tease her.

"Get your filthy hands off me! Touch it again and I'll call out!" She was so angry that her cheeks puffed out like a cute little puffer fish.

He couldn't resist reaching out and cupping her cheeks, "Please, I especially like to hear you shout. Especially like in the morning …"

She hurriedly covered his mouth hard to stop the eviler words from coming out.

She was already furious, and he was still shameless!

Luther moved her hand away and said, "Okay, I'm not going to tease you. I've got to get to Clarenworth tonight to sign a partnership agreement. Don't wait up for me tonight."

"Who's going to wait for you?" Joyce was simply speechless, he was so thick-skinned.

"However, you must buy all the things I asked you to buy and send me pictures after you return home and put them away. If you don't do it, I will definitely come back tonight."

He said as he leisurely caught her hands resisting him and snapped them behind her back, making her immobile.

"Do you hear me?" With his slender fingers, he captured her delicate jaw and ambiguously approached her faintly trembling red lips.


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