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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 9

Hit on him? Really?

Joyce was too lazy to argue, and she simply put her hands out, "Sorry, I was just having a crush, trying to win your trust, trying to seduce you. I wanted to climb the ladder to the upper class. I'm sorry, I'm sober now, I know what I am worthy of, I'm leaving."


Her quick admission left him speechless for an answer.

To win his trust and climb the ladder to the upper class were all his sarcastic words just now, and now she was using them to drive him away?

Joyce straightened up and turned to leave.

She was so annoyed that she really didn't have the energy to tangle with him.

Luther tugged on Joyce's arm, "Wait a minute, I was just looking for you. Grandma is suspicious, and she wants you to move in with her today. I need your help."

Joyce almost broke down. She had enough chaos here already, and he just had to find her more trouble.

"I can pay you, as much as you want." Luther looked slightly disdainful. Since she was a gold-digger, of course, he could use his money to solve the problem?


When she heard the word pay, Joyce suddenly remembered that she still needed $300,000.

She had to admit that she found the deal pretty good.

This was the fastest and most effective way.

She already asked him for $500,000, and it would not be much to ask for $300,000 more.

There was no need to worry about the debt, so let's solve the immediate difficulties first.

"Three hundred thousand." She heard herself say it.

"You give me $300,000 now, and I'll go tonight." Justin's surgery couldn't wait any longer, right now, as long as the deposit was paid in full. The part-time online job she did, and her internship would also pay enough for his recovery.

Although she did not want to have too much involvement with the man in front of her.

She had no choice if she wanted to get Justin operated on as soon as possible.

As for the money, she would find a way to pay it back later.

She didn't want to owe Luther either.

To be precise, she didn’t want to owe anyone anymore.

Luther raised his eyebrows and looked at her almost sarcastically, "What, I just gave you $500,000 and you've spent it so quickly? Woman, you don't have a small appetite."

"Cut the crap, do you need me to come and stay at your house?" Joyce wrapped her arms around her chest.


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