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A Life Debt Repaid novel (John and Cordy) novel Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Noel checked the time, but it was only 3 PM. “In another couple hours.”

“Can’t you leave early?” Mandy Jessop was clearly upset. “I’d like you to go shopping with me.”

Noel appeared slightly hesitant.

In the past, she could just leave work without a word since her father would not say a thing.

But now, Cordy had taken control, and Noel was worried she would notice and use it as an excuse to

harass her.

Even so, she had even less reason to upset Mandy. If she wanted to marry Kyle without issue, she certainly needed his sister’s favor

After weighing her options, Noel agreed to it anyway. “I’ll be right there. Where are we going?”

“Radiant Global.”

“Be there in twenty minutes.”

Hanging up, Noel drove to the mall.

Meanwhile, Cordy was drafting a design in her office when her phone rang too.

She gave it a casual glance but eventually put away the draft and answered it. “Mr. Levine.”

“When will you call me something else?” That familiar voice was ever deep and magnetic.

“Why would you like me to call you? Levine? John? Or do you have some nickname I don’t know about?”

John did not expect her to be so agreeable. He spaced out for a moment before he chuckled. “The way you say all that almost makes no difference, except…”

“Except what?”


His tone was calm and mesmerizing.

While Cordy was speechless, he said, “It’s alright. Take your time.”

As if he did not mind.

Cordy was pursing her lips–he was certainly thick–skinned.

Ignoring his flirting, she asked directly, “How can I help you today?”

“Are you free right now?”


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