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A Life Debt Repaid novel (John and Cordy) novel Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Mandy saw Cordy too. She called out rather loudly, “Cordy?!”

Cordy naturally heard her, but she ignored her

“Who do you think you are, Cordy Sachs?!” Mandy promptly strode toward her.

Noel quickly followed, even as Mandy glared scornfully at Richard and mocked, “You really are eager to become a stepmom, aren’t you? You really are an embarrassment to womenkind, sucking up to a man like this and paying for everything! Every item here would cost at least five figures–you really spared no expenses!”

Richard’s little brows were furrowed.

Why did they have to run into those two witches again? They were really ruining his and his mommy’s happy shopping time.

Beside him, Cordy shot Mandy a look and calmly pressed a button on her phone, replaying all of Mandy’s rambling.

Mandy’s face flushed, surprised that Cordy would record everything so quickly.

“I wonder if your reputation would be affected if this recording goes online, Ms. Jessop? Cordy asked without a care. “Weren’t you just taken off a TV series?”

“Cordy Sachs…” Mandy was fuming.

“Shut your stinking mouth if you don’t want this to go viral,” Cordy said sternly.

Mandy had certainly not been embarrassed by Cordy like this.

When Cordy was still in a relationship with her brother Kyle, she would cater to Mandy’s every whim… But now, Cordy was walking all over her!

“Calm down, Mandy. She’s really capable of anything.” Noel quickly stopped Mandy before she could flip. out again, playing the part of a mediator.

“She certainly is, getting knocked up at eighteen!” Mandy snapped.

“Stop it, Mandy,” Noel kept saying.

“Well, I’m not bothered to waste my breath with her,” Mandy said loftily and turned to leave.


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