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Billionaire Lost to His Surrogate In A Love Game novel Chapter 373

Cora was shocked with her eyes wide open while glaring at him.

However, the anger on his face seemed to fade away magically. Instead, he let out an evil smile. Then he touched her face, unpredictable, “Honey, you still haven’t learnt to behave yourself. You love to make me mad, huh?”

Cora seemed to flinch a bit. Actually, she did show fear while facing his unpredictable move. In her view, he was a cunning foreign guy, being too sophisticated to be understood. No one could tell what was his plan for the next move.

When facing such a horrible guy, one should be suggested to ally with him. Once he turned to be the enemy, it would be really tricky.

As Cora was about to flinch back, June suddenly grabbed her.

“Honey, you are not allowed to be panic because of me.” June patted on her face and said, “You really disgraced your parents as the one being dumped by a man for long. I saw your mom leaving while wiping her own tears. I suppose in your country, being filial is part of your tradition, right? Do you feel at ease to see your mom suffering from such disgrace?”

What he said had finally shaken her stubbornness a bit.

June then asked with his deadly voice, “Do you fancy a revenge?”

Cora rolled her eyeballs and looked at him confusedly, “How?”

“Be my girl! I will suffice whatever you ask for.” June offered.

Hatred seemed to rush out of her eyes. She clenched her fists hard with her head down, “I want the death of Ophelia. Can you do that?”

“Well, it depends on the level of your resolve.” Answered June casually.

Cora remained silent for a while.

June didn’t intend to push her.

After quite a while, Cora raised up her head, “If you can kill her, that’s the deal.”

‘Zachariah, since I fail to win your heart, don’t ever dream about spending the rest of your life with Ophelia!’

June smiled, “I have a great idea. Do you want to know?”


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