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Billionaire Lost to His Surrogate In A Love Game novel Chapter 374

Zachariah took another huge whiff of cigarette. When he let out the smoke, his face returned to be composed again.

He stood up and shook off the dust on his clothes. When the smell of smoke started to fade in his mouth, he turned around to get out. Then he headed to the ward of Ophelia.

Inside the ward, there were two more carers hired by him to tend Ophelia.

Seeing him walking over, both of the carers greeted with respect, “Welcome, Mr. Chambers.”

Zachariah waved his hand, “I need a private talk with her.”

“Yes, sir.”

The two carers stepped out of the ward quietly.

Ophelia blinked her eyes and smiled, “How is Miss Fletcher?”

Zachariah drew over a chair beside the bed to sit down. He reached out his hand to flip her hair covering on her face backward, “How do you feel now? Are you still tired? Did the two carers do something mean to you?”

Ophelia replied seriously while looking at him, “I am fine. What about Miss Fletcher?”

Zachariah slightly scratched her nose dotingly, “Come on, girl. You should spend more concern on yourself. You have just run away from the edge of death. Now taking rest is your priority. And stop thinking about nonsense.”

Ophelia smiled and replied caringly, “I am okay. But please don’t get yourself too exhausted if you feel bothered because of Miss Fletcher. I am fine with the care of the two carers. I hope you can take some time to rest.”

Upon hearing that, Zachariah felt like being struck in his heart.

Ophelia had always been concerned about him at any time. However, he had put her aside for almost five years just because of Cora, who once failed him regardless of his great obsession. Even he himself had no idea what made him so cold to her.

Now he felt like being stuffed with guilt. While looking at Ophelia, he could tell now his froze feelings was rendered easily melted by her.

He could feel how much care she truly showed for him even from her simple words.

Zachariah gave another sweet scratch on her noes and said dotingly, “Girl, don’t you think sometimes you really look adorably stupid.”

But that was what made him so infatuated with her.

Though she looked hot, sexy and decisive when dealing business, wherever she went, ladies would be driven jealous while guys would get crazy for her, she still maintained her heart pure and innocent, which sounded really incredible to others.

In the eyes of other guys, they only deemed her the vent of sexual desire. While in the eyes of ladies, they deemed her a shameless mistress fancy hooking up with whoever men she encountered. However, this lady still showed great concern with him at any time even under the pressure of being misjudged. She cared about him and worried herself when thinking that he might get himself tired. She could even bear the pain when she gave him away to her rival on her own initiative. He couldn’t help wondering what caused her ridiculous sacrifice.

As the more he knew about it, the more guilty he started to feel.

Ophelia smiled, “I don’t think so but you do.”


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