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Billionaire Lost to His Surrogate In A Love Game novel Chapter 375

Wilfred frowned and huffed, “Liliana, personal stuff should not be involved in working hours. Do you forget about the rules?”

Liliana stared at him seriously, “Wilfred, you really change a lot. Don’t you remember how many times you have broken the rules for the sake of Miss Lowe? I don’t think it’s convincing enough when you claim that you have no feelings for her.”

Wilfred scratched his hair, looking annoyed. He asked doubtfully, “Liliana, what do you mean?”

His dullness about feelings really annoyed her, “Wilfred, are you still pretending or do you still fail to get it? Don’t you know what I mean?”

Wilfred stood up and replied seriously, “Alright, stop it. It’s now for work only. I will turn in the driver to the police. Let figure out a way to notice the Chambers about the identity of the culprit behind. As for how they are going to do to Savannah, just leave it to them. I need you to go to the hospital with me. You should know what to do if Ophelia has woken up.”

Liliana was still feeling annoyed.

“Liliana, get yourself focused on work when it’s time to work. Don’t let your personal feelings get involved, okay?” huffed Wilfred seriously.

Liliana nodded with her head down, looking upset.

Both of them got into the elevator and then stepped out of the building. They got on Wilfred’s car together. But Liliana still wanted to try again, “Wilfred, do you still have a chance?”

Wilfred tilted his head to look at her and replied seriously, “Liliana, though I can’t tell if you really have crush on me, I have been viewing you as my sister. And I would love to judge every man you encounter just like your elder brother. But I don’t think we have a chance to get in a relationship. Since I deem myself your brother, it’s impossible for me to have feelings for you.”

Upon hearing that, Liliana felt like being struck in her heart.

“But Wilfred, we are not the real brother and sister.”

Wilfred couldn’t help laughing, “Liliana, I promise I would have made a move if I did have feelings for you. Though I look dull when it comes to feelings, I always stay sharp when it comes to ladies. If I happen to meet the one I have a crush on, I will spare no hesitation to engage.”

“So you do have a crush on Miss Lowe?”

Wilfred seemed to pause while holding the steering wheel. He tried to insinuate, “Liliana, stop talking about my personal issue.”

Liliana was rendered madder.

“Wilfred, she has been married. And her husband, Zachariah Chambers, is known as an outstanding business talent on the headline of every financial newspaper. Now he is the true inheritor of the Chambers Group, and also the prince charming of all ladies. He is rich and attractive. You don’t even have a chance.”

Wilfred suddenly sped up and then the car rushed forward.

Liliana was rendered stunned. She couldn’t help clinging to the seat, “Wilfred, what are you doing?”

Wilfred still wore a serious face, “Just do something to chill you out.”

Liliana gazed at him. Finally, she gave in, “Sorry, Wilfred, I trespassed your bottom line.”

Not until then did he slow down. His expression turned to be soft, looking less horrible.


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