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Dark Secrets of the Blind Husband novel Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Don’t You Hate Him?


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Nicky was covered in blood, and he immediately shook his head. “It’s alright. You don’t have to. I don’t deserve it.”

“I’m glad you know it.”

The man raised his red wine indifferently and sipped it. “Tell me what you did to Cherise in the past.”

Nicky was startled. He subconsciously turned to look at Cherise standing at one side. “I…”

Cherise stood on the spot, and her hands were tightly clasped. She was utterly at a loss.

“I took advantage of Cherise in the past and almost…”

Blake, wearing white sportswear, furrowed his brows and stomped on Nicky viciously. “Spit it out!”

“When Cherise was a freshman in high school, I took advantage of the fact that she was alone in Uncle Shaw’s house, so I…”

“That’s enough!”

Cherise interrupted fiercely before Nicky could finish speaking.

She turned to look at Damien. “What on earth are you doing?”

He acted like he was standing up for her by turning Nicky into such a state, then made Nicky personally describe how he had harassed her back then?

“It seems like you were very hurt by it.”

Damien yawned and waved at Blake. “There’s no need to continue.”

Blake nodded and pulled the iron chain. He dragged Nicky to the other end of the rooftop.

Only then did Cherise notice that the rooftop’s edge had no protective measures.

At that moment, Blake had pulled Nicky to the dangerous edge.

“With Blake’s temper, he’ll kick Nicky down in one minute.”

Damien sipped his red wine calmly. “Tell me if you’re bullied in the future.”

Cherise felt her blood run cold.

She glanced at Damien and peeked at Blake, who was dragging Nicky to the edge. “I never wanted Nicky to die!”

After that, she disregarded everything and ran to Blake. She reached out to pull the iron chain in Blake’s hand in the other direction. “You have no right to decide a person’s life and death!”


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