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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1648

Compared to Jacqueline, who was in agony, Olivia appeared to be fine. Her face was even glowing.

Jaqueline couldn't believe her eyes. "How are you fine? We share our senses. If I'm in pain, you should be too."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not that painful for me. I heard that you had it rough last night. You almost broke," Olivia retorted.

Jacqueline wasn't buying it. That person clearly told her that he spent years inventing the curse just for Olivia.

This was her trump card. If her identity was exposed, she could take advantage of the curse that bound her with Olivia. However, it seemed like Olivia wasn't affected by the curse one bit. Jacqueline was losing confidence.

Olivia continued, "From now onward, you'll be experiencing the same pain on every full moon. And it'll hurt more every time it gets you. I don't mind. I can play along with you for the rest of my life. Let's see how far you can go."

Jacqueline dreaded the thought of going through the same experience again. She looked skinnier after these two days.

If she was going to suffer from the same torture every full moon, she'd rather die.

"No. Let's talk," Jacqueline quickly said.

"That's more like it. You'd better show your sincerity. If you're trying to play tricks again, I won't mind joining the game with you," Olivia warned.

People like Jacqueline feared death more than Olivia did.

After all, someone brought Jacqueline out of the impoverished mountain, and she led a good life thereafter. She had good food to eat and nice clothes to wear every single day.

Why would she choose death when she had such a great life?

It took one night to make her change her mind.

Ethan hurriedly made the necessary arrangements. He brought the ladies to a small town so that Jacqueline could contact the person.

She hid in a corner to recount everything that had happened to the other party.


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