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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1649

That wasn't it. Jacqueline added another condition, "You have to transfer two billion dollars to a certain foreign account within two hours. It's only considered done after we confirm the money is there."

Ethan coolly accepted the condition, "Deal. On it."

After he left, Jacqueline said to Olivia, "Don't blame me. We did switch places, but many people love you. You have children too! Once the curse is lifted, you'll be Ms. Fordham. They'll make up for everything that you've missed out on in the past."

Her understatement made it seem like Olivia was the one who took advantage of her.

As of today, Olivia had been through many near-death experiences. Even Olivia's closest acquaintances passed on because of Jacqueline.

Yet, Jacqueline didn't mention them.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong? I didn't kill your adoptive father. He died because he was unlucky—"

Olivia, who was having tea, slammed the teacup on the table.

Before Jacqueline knew it, she was grabbed by the collar and slapped on the cheek.

"Olivia Fordham, how dare you!" she growled.

But Olivia didn't stop there. She didn't hold herself back, and her eyes were flaring in rage. "I never once forgot what you've done to me, Jacqueline. If you don't want your rotten life anymore, I can grant your wish anytime you want. You're the last person who can say anything about my life."

"Let me go!" Jacqueline was surprised by Olivia's sudden violence. "It took so much of me to get out of hell. Death doesn't fear me! Unlike you, my life was a mess. Threatening me with my life is useless!"

Olivia blurted, "Frankly speaking, I have wanted to chop you into pieces since long ago."

Then, she flung a punch at Jacqueline without bothering about Jacqueline's desperate screams.


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