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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1655

Willow nodded obediently, but her wary eyes stared at the man as he approached her.

She heard the local had tanned skin from sunbathing, but this man looked weird.

As it was his first time dealing with a kid, Wayne took out a candy. "Here, for you." He had prepared it beforehand.

To his dismay, Willow had already categorized him as a kidnapper. Abandoning her ball, she turned around to leave.

"Hey, kid! Why are you running away? I don't bite. You don't like strawberry flavor?" Wayne grabbed her wrist.

Due to his towering stature, even a grown woman looked petite next to him, let alone Willow.

He scooped her up with one arm as if she were a doll. His frantic hands fished out a bunch of lollipops. "I have more flavors—watermelon, mango, orange. Here, they're all yours."

Alan, who was watching them from afar, went speechless. "Mr. Maxwell is a total novice in babysitting. If a freak came up to me when I was a kid, I would've been scared. Can't he see that the girl is freaked out? She must be thinking that he's a kidnapper."

"I just don't know what's good about that woman. Why can't he get over her? It's been so long." Ike had never liked Olivia. Forget about having a good impression of her, he now bore a lot of opinions against her.

Alan thought differently. He rested his cheek on his palm. "Speaking of, Willow does look pretty. She's basically the younger version of Ms. Fordham. Look at those eyes. They're so special. And she seems like a child who behaves. People can't help but to pamper her.

"Mr. Maxwell has always been deeply in love with Ms. Fordham, and the girl looks like Ms. Fordham. I bet he wishes he could reach the stars just for her."

Ike snorted, annoyed. In fact, he didn't hate Olivia. Fairly speaking, she was undoubtedly a capable person.

However, she was married to Ethan!

In that sense, Ike figured that Wayne was out of her league.

However, Wayne sprang from a humble origin. He jumped through hoops to come this far. He didn't mind all that.

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