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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1656

Wayne tried to explain himself, saying, "I just wanted to give her some candies because she looks cute."

Knowing that he wasn't a lowly man who would hurt her daughter, Olivia was certain that he was the backup Ethan called over. But Wayne was as reckless as usual. He almost ruined her plan!

If Jacqueline and Alexander had found out about his presence, things would've gone south.

That was why Olivia gave him the cold treatment. She looked at him like he was a stranger. "No need for that, thanks."

She carried Willow and strode away. "Stay away from strangers. They kidnap kids," she warned intentionally for Wayne to catch on the situation.

He was rendered speechless. Although he was aware of her intention, he couldn't help the disappointment. Only he knew that he couldn't sleep the previous night thinking about their reunion.

Alan put down the binoculars. "He's gonna cry. Look at him. He looks lonely."

"Serves him right. Why is he so concerned about someone else's wife and child?" Ike bit a piece of grass.

Alan glared at him. "You're never gonna find yourself a wife with that sharp tongue and heart of steel."

"The divorce rate is high these days. Even if I found one, she could become someone else's wife in the future. I might as well save myself from the hassle."

Alan was at a loss for words.

Jacqueline woke up on the balcony, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She was able to have a good night's sleep by Alexander's side. "What are you looking at?"

He withdrew his gaze from Olivia and Willow. "Nothing."

Perhaps he was overthinking it. It seemed like the man wanted to play with Willow because she looked cute.

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