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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 1657

Olivia felt like there was a voracious tiger behind her. It would take one reckless move from her for it to tear her neck off her.

"Wayne Maxwell!" Olivia didn't know what Wayne was trying to do. All she could was stay still.

When she looked back at the past, she did deceive him. Ethan and Wayne were at odds, and Wayne even kidnapped her!

Wayne had always been the man of revenge, so she didn't dare to provoke him. She struck a topic instead. "Does your head still hurt these days?"

As she had expected, his eyes brightened at that question. "Are you worried about me?"

He was such an easy man to please.

Noticing that he was still that same old person, she nodded. "Yeah. You're my patient, after all. I left you a prescription before I left, but I don't know if it worked because I wasn't the one to treat you."

Wayne bent over, and his lips reached her ear. "Liar. If you were worried about me, you wouldn't have run away. Do you think I'd buy that again?"

Left with no choice, she insisted, "It's not like that. You can choose not to believe me, but you must have faith in my professionalism. I'm a doctor with virtue."

As soon as she finished, he turned her over so that she would face him.

The back of her head rested against the wall. The tall man lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Look into my eyes and say that again."

Olivia gulped. "I-I'm a doctor with virtue."

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