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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 2

In the dark of night, Olivia stood alone in the bathroom. The hot water chased away her chills. She rubbed her swollen red eyes and walked to a room.

When she opened the door, a warmly furnished children’s room lay before her. She pressed a button lightly, and mellow music from a music box filled the room.

The room was lit with yellow lights. The atmosphere was undoubtedly homely, but Olivia wept unstoppably.

God must have decided to take her life because she had failed to save her baby’s.

She climbed onto the cot that was barely more than three feet long and curled up into a fetal position. Tears from her left eye flowed to her right eye, down to her cheek, then finally wet the children’s blanket she was lying on.

She hugged a plushy tightly while murmuring, “Sorry, my baby. It’s all my fault. I failed to protect you. Don’t be afraid. I’ll be with you soon.”

After losing her baby, her mental health had deteriorated. Olivia was like a pretty flower slowly wilting away. She gazed out into the night, thinking as long as she could leave her father that sum of money, then she could go and be with her baby.

Before dawn the next morning, Olivia was already fully dressed as she looked down at her own smiling face in the photo they’d taken outside the City Hall after they registered their marriage.

In the blink of an eye, three years had passed since then.

She prepared a breakfast that was good for the stomach. Although she didn’t have much time left to live, she wanted to live longer to take care of her father.

As Olivia was about to leave the house, she received a call from the hospital. “Ms. Fordham, Mr. Fordham had a heart attack. We’ve already sent him into the emergency ward.”

“I’ll be there right away!”

Olivia rushed to the hospital, but the surgery was still ongoing. She waited outside the operating theater with her hands clasped.

She had already lost everything. Her only hope was for her father to live on in good health.

A nurse handed her a receipt. “Ms. Fordham, this is the total bill for your father’s emergency treatment and surgery.”

Olivia scanned through the details and found that the total bill amounted to more than 100 thousand. Jeff’s daily treatment expenses already cost 50 thousand dollars per month, and she only barely managed to make ends meet by working three jobs.

After paying off his hospitalization fees earlier, she only had five thousand dollars left in her card. How was she going to afford his surgery?

She had no choice but to call Ethan. He answered in a cold voice, “Where are you? I’ve already been waiting for 30 minutes.”

“Something urgent came up, and I can’t make it.”

“Olivia, is this funny to you?” Ethan sneered in response. “I was thinking why you would change your mind all of a sudden. Do you take me for a fool, making up lies like this?”

He actually thought she was lying.

Olivia explained, “I’m not lying. I was reluctant before this because I thought you must have had your reasons for treating me this way, but I see things clearly now.

“There’s no point to a marriage like this, so I’m getting this divorce willingly. I couldn’t make it because my father had a heart attack and had to undergo surgery—”

“Is he dead?” Ethan interrupted.

It sounded weird to Olivia. Who even spoke like that?

“No. The doctors are treating him. Ethan, the surgery costs more than 100 thousand dollars. Can you give me that ten million? I promise I’ll get the divorce!”

He responded with a snort. “Olivia, I hope you know that I, of all people, wish your father dead. I can give you the money, but only after we make the divorce official.”

The line went dead after that.

Olivia’s face was filled with disbelief. She remembered that Ethan had treated Jeff with respect when they were still together. However, the hatred in his voice earlier did not sound like a joke at all.

Why did he want her father dead?

Everything made sense when she connected the dots with the Fordham family going bankrupt two years ago.

How could there have been such a coincidence?

Ethan must have caused their bankruptcy, but how had her family offended him?

Olivia had no time to dwell on it. The most urgent matter at hand was to gather 100 thousand dollars to pay her father’s medical bills.


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