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Even After Death novel (Olivia and Ethan) novel Chapter 3

Marina wore a white cashmere coat. Her white pearl earrings made her look gentle and charismatic. Just the shawl around her neck was already worth more than a thousand dollars.

The salesperson went up to her and greeted her at once.

“Mrs. Miller, is Mr. Miller not here today to pick out jewelry with you? There are some new arrivals. Each one of them would suit you great, Mrs. Miller. The emerald piece you asked me to reserve for you is here. Try it on later. I’m sure it would suit your complexion very well.”

The salesperson punctuated almost every sentence with “Mrs. Miller” just to butter Marina up even though she and Ethan weren’t legally married yet. Marina looked at Olivia with a smile and a proud look in her eyes that showed off her victory.

Everyone knew that Ethan treated her like the most precious treasure, but they did not know that Olivia was his legally married wife.

Olivia clenched her hands into fists. Why did she have to bump into the person she least wanted to see in her most embarrassing moment?

Marina said mildly, “You’ll lose a lot of money trading in a good quality ring like that.”

Olivia reached out and snatched the box away with a steely expression. “I’m not selling it anymore,” she said.

“No? What a real shame. I like that ring pretty much. I was even planning to offer you a higher price for it since we know each other. Weren’t you in a rush for money, Ms. Fordham?”

Olivia’s hand stiffened. Yes, she was in need of money, very desperately too. That was why Marina was insulting her so relentlessly.

The salesperson advised her. “Miss, this is the fiancée of the Miller Group’s president. You’re very lucky that your ring struck her fancy. She’ll surely pay you a good price for it, and you won’t have to wait for us to complete the procedures before you get your money.”

It sounded like mockery to Olivia when the salesperson kept mentioning “Mrs. Miller.” A year ago, she had told Marina confidently that she would never divorce Ethan and asked her to give up. In just a year, everybody, high and low, knew who she was.

Olivia felt more and more convinced that her marriage with Ethan was nothing but a scheme.

Noticing her hesitation, Marina smiled brightly and said, “Ms. Fordham, why don’t you name a price?”

That bitch’s cocky expression disgusted Olivia. She said coldly, “I’m not selling it anymore.”

However, Marina wouldn’t let it go. “Ms. Fordham, you’re already at the end of your rope. Don’t tell me that you still care about dignity. If I were you, I would sell it immediately. Has no one ever told you that stubbornness isn’t a good look on you?”

“What a joke, Ms. Carlton. Robbing other people of their things has made you think you really own them. Why don’t you go and rob a bank?”

While they were fighting, the ring flew out of the box in a graceful arc and fell to the floor with a soft clink. Olivia immediately rushed toward it, but the ring rolled to a stop by a pair of elegant leather shoes by the door.

When Olivia bent down to pick it up, a drop of water dripped onto the back of her neck and sent chills through her. She looked up slowly into a pair of cold, emotionless eyes.

Ethan was still holding an open umbrella, and droplets of water dripped from it onto her head. The black wool coat he was wearing complimented his figure and made him look stylish.

Olivia stared at him blankly and recalled the first time she had seen him. 20-year-old Ethan had been wearing a white shirt as he stood on the sunbathed field, but it was as if he had been standing right inside her heart. That image was branded in her mind ever since she was fourteen.

Now, she was wearing a sweater that made her look even skinnier with its fuzzy material. Her chin was sharp, and she looked thinner than she was three months ago. He looked grand and unparalleled, while she looked miserable and pathetic.

Olivia’s hand, which was about to pick up the ring, stopped in mid-air. While she was in a daze, Ethan expressionlessly raised his foot and stepped on the ring on his way past her.


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