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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 11


*****JANELLE'S POV*****

It's been two weeks since I had been given admission, and my school would be resuming next week, right now I can't say how happy I am.

It's not like tho I won't miss home but, I just have to go to school and there will always be breaks.

"Ouch Steff, what was that for, I don't like this your game of pranks, just stop it, cause right now am not just in the mood.

We are still going to shop for our school requirements and our personal need right?, I said not looking at Steff.

"Yeah chubs, we will definitely do so, and after that we will be going to watch some movies, how about that, sounds great right?", Steff said.

I have always known Steff as the highlife kinda person, all time for flexing, I love it tho, cause amma kinda serious person.

"Hey Macho, when will you stop addressing me with the name chubs, don't tell me you're gonna be addressing me as chubs, cause I won't answer it.

When will you learn to one the decisions of people, I don't wanna make you feel bad but please don't call me with the name chubs.

It doesn't make sense that while in this age, I am still called chub. Well definitely, I would love to go to the cinema, only if you promise me something" I said.

"So, what is that, anything for my baby chubs, you know I can't stop calling you that name.

"Remember you said anything, okay what about this, you're gonna park all my belongings when I finally move into the lodge.

"Just that?, Remember anything for my chubs," she snickered.

Immediately I heard her call me chubs, I bent, took off my slippers and started chasing her around the house. I guess I have to teach her the stuff I'm made of.


We were done shopping and ordered a chatter bus, as the things we bought are much.

We suggested buying all that we needed and taking them home before going to watch some movies in the cinema.

We came back, quickly took our bath, as Steff never stopped talking non-stop on how my bathtub looks. She said it's so beautiful and is good to cool all your nerves.

If only she knew, what I have been doing with the bathtub, she won't stay there wallowing in thoughts. We dressed up quickly and left.

Before we reached the cinema we had to stop at the market to buy handkerchief and a bottle of water.

We were about crossing the road when I saw a fat woman, wearing a blue tunic with several numbers inscribed on it, and two pencils which were stuck in her hair.

I was scared as she looked like a mad woman, I noticed she was looking at my direction but I wanted to make sure it wasn't me.

I turned my back to check if there was actually another person at my back, lo and behold I saw no one.

At that point in time, I felt like urinating on my pants, but I decided to play it cool. I asked Steff, if she had ever come across the woman.

She laughed quickly without glancing at the direction of the woman and said,"these women are the highest fears of the Jamicans, these people engage in obeah or voodoo.

I wonder what she's doing out here by this time of the day", "why do you say so", I asked.

"They only come out in the evenings of Fridays, but today is Saturday, but when they are seen any other day, then it means they have a prophecy or ministrations for someone around the area they are", hope you're cleared she asked.


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