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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 19


*******FIONA'S POV*******

It's been three weeks since the last time I went to Khalids' house, I didn't even want to remember what had happened there.

I felt hurt at the embarrassment he gave me, I hadn't heard from him since then, he didn't even bother calling to apologise.

What shattered the rest of me was when I came back that day, the mere look on my face one would know things didn't turn out as I had planned.

"Hey babe, what's up, are you still sulking over that damn idiot, don't tell me that.

I thought you are over this guy, he doesn't want you, and you can't force yourself on him, that's definitely not lady-like.

I want you to wipe your tears and forget this ever happened, please, as much as I know how long you have been attracted to him, please forget him.

He definitely doesn't worth all of this, come of it babe, I've been watching all that has been going on in these past three weeks, do you know what I noticed?", She asked.

I arched my brow to my hairline as I hiccuped, I bet I have been trying to act strong, but my emotions got the best part of me.

"Tell me, wh-wha-at y-yo-you not-ice-ed, I'm a-a-all ear", I replied her.

I was just anxious to know what she noticed.

"Babe, while you have been sitting your ass up there, sulking all day and night, some guys been gawking at you, em'been appreciating your looks.

Babe em'know how good looking you are, but you just don't seem to notice all that, I want you to get off you feet and hit the play room like you always do, and i need a positive response", she snapped.

I had intended on doing the same thing she just said, I want to move on but not with this kind of life.

Living the strippers life, a life where everyone harasses you and expect you to be okay with it.

I could still remember vividly on a very good Friday night, as we have more customers on fridays. I had finished my session with Rashid. I was about taking a turn to the upper house when a bald headed and pot bellied man spanked me hard on my ass before squeezing it hard.

I was damn frustrated and angry, I felt like smoke was puffing outta my nose, I turned back immediately and gave him a dirty slap, I smacked him so hard on his face that everyone's attention fell on me.

They were all surprised that I had the guts to slap VIP customer, but I didn't care.

At that time I had wished Rashid was there to save my ass, but no, he left immediately after the session.

I couldn't blame him tho, he is so dedicated to work, and can't even stay a second more.

The bald headed man had ordered his boys to whip me mercilessly, they had carried me to one of the rooms in the lower house, stripped me to the bare and told them to rape me.

One was almost about to start with the task of raping me, before Mama ABIDA entered and told them, they could do anything to me, but not rape.

She had said that because I was an exclusive customer not just to anyone but to the Prince of Al Zayed.

Believe me I was damn happy when she came to my rescue, as I didn't know if I would have survived six guys taking turns on me, God knows I would have been dead by now.

I looked up to see Sandra looking at me from the corner of her eyes while puffing out smoke from her stick of cigarette. She wanted an answer from me,"yeah, I'm gonna put him off from my mind and move on with my life", I said.

"Good girl, I love your strength and confidence", she smiled at me before getting up to go to the play room, I think!.


As much as I hurt her and denied my feelings towards her, I will go to see her, I'm gonna compel her to do what she doesn't want to do, but what her body definitely wants.

I entered the club house, looking acrid as usual, with all mixed up smells, all of sex, smoke and power, yes of power. I glanced round the club, everybody was engaged with their partner.


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