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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 3


"And what could it be" Rashid replied, wanting badly to hear the surprise his best friend Khalid brought for him, he hopes it'll be a business proposal from one of the top companies, most especially the fashion and clothing line.

He turned to look at his best friend to check if he bought new stuffs, as he knows that his best friend only visits him when he buys new accessories, shoes, clothes,or even pants.

Funny right!!!, Yhhh for the past years since they had been best friends from childhood, he noticed one slogan which Khalid uses everyday and deliberates on. He has gotten so tired from the actions of his words.

His best friends believes in the word "YOLO" which according to him means YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE. This same reason makes him to changes all his old stuffs every two months, I won't really call him an extravagant type of person, because I know I spend too but hands up, only on needful and important things.

"Earth to Rashid" said khalid, "man what were you thinking of, I've been here for over twenty minutes and I got no word from you, or don't you want to hear the surprise I brought for you!!?.

"Congratulations man you bought a new sports car, guess it worths over forty-five million USD Dollars, you're really spending hard cash" Rashid replied sadonically.

"Guess this is what he has been expecting me to say, damn fool" Rashid mutters to himself.

"You know I heard it right, stop acting like you can murmur, when your mumurings are like loud growls of an animal that has been sex starved for months" Khalid replied and gave a fake chuckle.

All the while Khalid had been talking, Rashid only kept quiet and listened to what he said as he is a man of few words. He wondered what type of man is ready to spend over forty million dollars on a piece of shit, only to resell it after the stuff no longer have cost price in market.

Rashid smiled inwardly at how stupid his besfriend could be sometimes.


I remembered the dream I had lately that night, it wasn't clear, I tried to remove the mask that this curvaceous body wore, but it seemed like I had no strength in me, as the pleasure was to intense, and I didn't want to make her feel insecured by removing her mask.

I felt the lady behind the mask will be Soo beautiful, as her skin was caramel like and it glowed under the sun which pierced through the cotton louvers of my bedroom. She was Soo lost in the pleasure that she didn't notice how I was gawking at her.

I really want to know more about this lady behind the masked face and I swear with everything in me, I will definitely find her as she's the only woman that can fulfill my pleasure.

Ever since the thought of her filled my mind, and the haunted dreams I had, I have never gone close to touching a woman, or even riding any female cunt, I definitely have to give it a try as I can't afford getting blue balls.



While Rashid had been engaged in his solo thought, his best friend felt there was something really bothering him, he noticed for the past six months, Rashid had never gone clubbing with him and it was unbelievable as he knows Rashid as *KING OF THE CLUBS*

He decided to lessen the worrisome thought of his best friend by inviting him to a very smoky club which they had been going to from when they were just eighteen years of age, although it's a very big crime to drink alcoholic beverages and smoke, yet they didn't care because they are very influential people and are one of the richest people in the whole of Arab.

"Hey man don't you think we should hangout, this is weekend you know, and at least you won't be giving me silly excuses of going to work and being so busy. And I hope you're not about to tell me that you have to visit your Dad, after all you just saw him yesterday" He told Rashid,....."soooooo" he drawled. Since the past months that Rashid hadn't been going to the club with him he always goes alone and comes back home after being robbed by some sluts.

And he swore that he won't ever go there alone but after everything, his penis doesn't agree with him and would want a tug of war with him, he will have no other choice but to follow and obey his bodily desires.


This is exactly what I had in mind to do also, but I was damn afraid of voicing my needs out, cause I know better than this that he will surely find a way to crack jokes out of this, and taunt me both endlessly and mercilessly for the rest of the day. But thank God that he said it at first, I just have to act like I really don't want to go there, so that he will suspect nothing. Yhh this is definitely what am gonna do, because precisely I can't take chances.


" Seriously Khalid I don't want to go there as you can see am damn tired and I didn't want to fail you, but swear down I'm gonna make it up to you, trust me and remember all bills on me, coupled with the fact that I'm definitely gonna drive you home, cause I know you're gonna be stenchy and drunk from alcohol" he replied to khalids' offer.

" Ohhh Allah, this is definitely a nice try tho, at least he won't get to suspect me, that I'm acting all this" he thought inwardly.


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