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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 30



"That's because you mesmerize me, I am fascinated about your whole being, everything about you makes my blood boils.

I want you so damn much, I don't just know but.." I stopped.

"What did I just say", I thought.

I brought my head down to her vagina once more, I used my both hands to separate her outer labia.

I could see her pink clit glistening with her liquid, damnn she looks so beautiful, I brought out my tongue and licked on her clit.

She closed her eyes and tried bringing her knees together, I held them strongly apart not letting her close them.

I guess the feelings were too much for her to bear.

She jerked her hips towards my face, I paused as I looked up at her face, "open your eyes and look at me, look at how my tongue mates with you clit", I ordered her.

She slowly opened her eyes, that was a lovely sight to behold, she opened her eyes slowly that at that time she looked like an angel.

She couldn't even look up at my face, I saw her cheeks turn a darker shade of red, maybe from embarrassment on how her vagina was bared open for my view and consumption, yes my consumption.

She was still looking down when a hand cradled my head, it was her, she brought me towards her clit again, I smirked at her moves.

"Don't do that", I warned.

A sigh escaped her lips as she battled inwardly for words, "pleaseeeee", she said.

"Please what?", I asked feigning ignorance of her plea, like though I didn't know what she was talking about.

"Please your ermmm, your tongue", I interrupted her saying," so now you stutter huhhh, what did my tongue do to you", I said as I brought my hands down to my dick, stroking it slowly while looking at her heaving, round, creamy and soft breasts, with her vagina which was bared open for me to see.

I used my other hand to open her legs more wider, as I saw her vagina dripping liquid.

"I want, no I need your tongue right here", she said pointing on her clit.

"Where do you want Fiona?", I asked.

"On my clit, master", she said.

The way she said master, turned me on to the highest peak.

I brought my tongue to her wet core and started lapping on her clit hungrily, like though I had been starved of food.

I suckled, licked, and bit down on her clit.

"Ohhhhhhh, uhmmmmmmm, shhhhhh", with a loud moan, she came.

I kept lapping on her juice which was flowing fastly out of her, I made sure none of her juice slipped out and poured on the couch which she was sprawled on.

Once I had milked her dry, I came back to her clit and gave it a snuggling kiss.

"Damnnnn, my emotions are taking the best part of me", I thought.

"Allah!!, I love this", I said against her clit, still kissing it.

She hadn't even recovered from her climax, when I carried her up to my waist, I was about to sink my dick in when a call came in.

"Damn now I just want to do the main thing, that this call decides to come in", I thought as I bit my down lips in discomfort.

I noticed she was looking at me, damnn I can't give her what she wants right now, even though she had tried not showing her sexual lust towards me, I could see it with the way she looked at me.

I dropped her down immediately, with my dick still hardly erect, she dropped down on her knees to jerk me off.

I held her hands immediately, "stop", I said.

She was shocked by my words as she gave me a questioning look.

I just turned my back on her, went towards the bed where I had dropped my clothes and started putting them on.

"Khali... I mean Master, is there any problem?", She asked.

I just ignored her, only if she knows how I am holding on to my last control.

She wouldn't be calling me with that sensuous voice of hers.

I looked back at the couch, she was still sprawled naked on it, immediately she saw me looking, she tried closing her legs.


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