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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 32



It's been weeks since I last heard from Steff, my house has been so full and not fun at all.

It's not like I don't see her at school, but she keeps bullshitting me, not like I am fed up, I have to keep trying for our friendship to work.

I stood up, heading to the kitchen to prepare Jamaican rum, which was taught to me by my mum.

The thought of my mum brought tears to my eyes, I couldn't believe that my mum doesn't trust me.

It isn't like though she ever trusted me, she kinda have trust issues with everyone, I wondered how she decides to choose an outsider instead of me, her own daughter.

I was done preparing the rum, and was about heading to the sitting room, when I heard the screeching of tires outside my lodge or house, whatever.

I went to the window of my kitchen to look through so I could see whosoever came in.

I saw two Bentley cars and a white Porsche, I wondered who came looking for me as I don't have a friend or know anyone as rich as the people who came in.

I was still looking at the cars, when someone from the white Porsche came down from the car and ran to open the door for someone in the black Bentley.

"It must have been the driver or bodyguard, whatsoever", I thought.

Immediately, am man with jet blonde hair came out of the car, he looked very tall, I won't say look right now, rather he's tall, with long legs and broad shoulders.

He looked down at his writswatch, like though he was checking his time, after he slowly brought his hands forward to brush his hair backwards.

I didn't know what next happened or how they got to the door, until I heard a knock on my door, it was a gentle knock.

It looked like I had been woken from my trance, I walked to the door like someone who had been hypnotized.

I didn't even ask who it was, as I just opened the door for the men outside.

They all wore sunshades apart from the man with jet blonde hair.

I looked up at him, as he was very tall, "Holy crap!!", It's the man from the car, the one I had seen earlier when I was about entering my house.

Damn!!!, He is the man I had drawn, I stood motionless to the floor, not even saying a word, I was lost.

It looked like I was hypnotized by him, until someone pushed me off the door.

"When you're done gaping, you let me know", he said.

I folded my hands beneath my breast, as I glared hardly at him, "but damn this man is too handsome", I thought.

I crossed over to the other side of the sitting room, suddenly the room looks so small.

It felt like the room had been dominated by him.

"Uh oh, you just barge into someone's house and you can't even take permission before sitting down.

What are you feeling huhh!?, Like it's your house or what?, How can you do that?, And who are all these people you brought in here to my house?.

Have you come to abduct me or what?", I asked still ranting.

"Chill chubs, chill", he said.

"What the fuck, who gave you the right to address me as chubs", I said.

I walked towards him and tried dragging him up from my couch, but he didn't buldge, it felt like he was built with rock.

Too masculine, too solid, too everything damn.

I decided to give it a second try, I tried dragging him up, the next two seconds I saw myself on the seat face down with him solidly standing.

I felt kinda embarrassed, because my ass was facing him.

I stood up from the bed swiftly, I couldn't find the men that came along with him.

"Whe-wh-where are the m-men that came with y-you, suddenly y-you are afraid I would beat them all", I chuckled harshly still glaring at him.


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