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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 34


I came to class the following day, it was kind of rowdy, I wondered what was happening in the class.

I was hearing beats from lockers, while some people were whistling.

I ducked my head into the classroom, I saw some girls dancing, damnn in the class.

I went straight to an empty locker, brought down my bad which I had placed astride my shoulder.

Seems like no lecture for today, if I had known I wouldn't have bothered coming to school.

I was about laying my head on the locker, with an earpiece listening to one of my favorite music 'haunted by Beyonce's, when I received a tap on my shoulder.

I looked up it was one of my course mates, "Hey Andrea, what's up", I asked smacking her lower elbow.

"All good, you know, you are all full this morning, is everything okay?", I asked.

"I am all good, Andrea, just the normal mood swings, it keeps hitting me bad, don't we have any lecture for today?", I asked.

"Ohhh I get it, sorry though, hope you get over em' mood swings.

For the record, we do have lectures today, you know the normal lazy syndrome of teachers.

Em' giving you different reasons as to why they won't make it to school.

'There would be teacher's forum, there will be board meetings and blah blah blah...", She said.

I kept laughing at her words, "definitely true though", I said.

"So....", She drawled.

"So what?", I asked.

"What about you and Steff?", She asked.

"What happened to us?", I retorted back.

"You guys been going quiet on each other, are you both having issues?", She asked.

"Noooo, no, not at all, we are good, just decided to give ourselves a little break", I chided.

"Which bestfriends give themselves break, not even a little, damn you Janelle, if you guys are having issues you both should sort it out.

Do you know how many bestfriends look up on both of you?", She asked.

"I don't understand you Andrea", I replied.

"Janelle, don't give me that look, like you don't know what I am talking about.

You both are rated the best among all the groups of bestfriends we have in our department and you say you don't know.

I just want to tell you that one thousand and one people and still counting are jealous of you both.

Babe I want to tell you something, out of the thousands, I am the first person on the list that is damn envious of you both.

I would be so glad if you guys break up, but you know what you both are just so cute together that I don't want it to happen.

Take a good look at you both, she's big and you're small,perfect combination", she said while I gave her a little frown.

"Damn but that's the truth, you are petite, you both look like mother and daughter, sorry to say though", she said and gave a little chuckle.

"I understand you though, but, you know Steff could be hard sometimes, I know am not perfect, but going up to her, telling her that I am sorry.

Babe it is a big blow to my ego, my pride will be angry with me if I do that, maybe she should take the lead and I would forgiver her and let it go so easily", I said.

"Don't be so impossible Janey..", "No it's not Janey, it's Janelle, only Steff gets to call me that", I said.

She started laughing immediately, "you see it, you still love her so much, it's just pride, damn girl let go of your pride and walk up to her, you don't need to tell her of her wrong doings or flaws.

If she won't admit her wrongs, take it on your head that everything is your fault, so you won't let things escalate", she said.


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