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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Having eaten to her heart’s content, Jasmine gleefully said, “Shawn, I’m not interested in the eligible bachelors. Serenity and I are only here to check out the scene and taste the food. The place lives up to its name as a seven-star hotel. The food is amazing. It was a hearty meal.”

Shawn, “…”

“We‘re stuffed now. It’s getting late, Shawn. Serenity and I got to go. Please let my aunt know on my behalf.”

Anxious, Shawn did a double take on Serenity and answered, “Leaving so soon? Jas, the party is only halfway through. It’s still early. The earliest would be eleven o’clock tonight before the party’s over.”

Serenity chimed in. ‘We have a business to run tomorrow, so we can’t stay out that late.”

With the pair getting up, Shawn followed behind them.

“You know you can delay the opening time by a few hours.”

Shawn hovered around Serenity, hoping to keep the girls around for a little longer.

“That won’t do. Our busiest times are in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Missing out on the morning session could cost us a lot.”

Patting her cousin’s shoulder, Jasmine poked fun in delight. “You should stick around and see if there’s anyone you fancy. Although you’re still young, nothing’s stopping you from seeing a girl.”

Shawn stole another glance at Serenity. Blushing in the face, he bashfully said, “I’m fresh out of college, Jas. I’ll think about marriage once I’m steady in my job for a few years.”

Serenity put forth her opinion. “There’s no rush for boys. Shawns only twenty-two this year. He can wait another two years.”

Shawn bobbed his head along, only for Serenity to add responsively. “You were still a little kid when I first met you. I can’t believe you’re all grown up now.”

Unable to persuade the girls to stay, Shawn walked with them out of the hotel.

Your mom arranged for a car to pick us up.”

There were a lot of people hanging around the lobby. Everybody glanced at Jasmine and Serenity, but none came to chat with him as the girls were unfamiliar faces.


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