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Married at First Sight (Serenity and Zachary) novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Within the business community in Wiltspoon, anyone who had won Zachary’s favor would go places like the world was theirs to take.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowe brought their son along to the dinner party so he could meet people and make friends. It was to lay the groundwork for their son’s future.

“Mr. Lowe, you were…”

“I was just returning from walking my family to get a ride.”

Before Zachary could finish his sentence, Shawn jumped in to explain what he was doing in case Zachary might take it the wrong way that Shawn did not care for these social settings or was unhappy with the hotel service.

The Wiltspoon Hotel was one of the many hotels under the Yorks’ flagship.

“Oh.” Zachary then walked past Shawn, looking like he only greeted Shawn out of politeness.

Shawn had no time to get over the situation as a crowd around Zachary walked right past him. Shawn became a nobody in an instant.

Everybody was used to Zachary making a brief appearance at an event before taking off.

The CEOs were secretly glad that they managed to talk business with Zachary. It was a good thing that they moved quickly and jumped at the chance.

Soon, the Rolls Royce with the car plate number, XX8888, escorted by cars of his security detail, left the Wiltspoon Hotel.

“Where to, Mr. Zachary?”

Behind the wheel, the driver asked.

Zachary took a look at the time, and it was only half past nine. Since it was still early for him, he gave it a thought and replied, ‘To Brynfield.”

Back at his barren, warmthless, vacant home, Zachary sat on the sofa and disinterestedly watched TV while waiting for his wife, who had not come home despite leaving the hotel earlier.


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