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Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant novel Chapter 119

Blanca closed her laptop subconsciously and didn’t want Matthew to see what she was working on. Maybe it was because of her insecurities.

“A friend asked me to draw something for her. I’ll finish this soon. You can go to bed now...”

Then she wanted to walk past Matthew. But Matthew just took her laptop away and put it on the desk. His strong arms grabbed her waist and pressed her onto the bed.

Blanca felt like the world was spinning and then she was under him. She was stunned, “Matthew, what are you...”

Before she could even finish the sentence, Matthew kissed her.

His lips were cold and soft, kind of like marshmallow and ice cream. Blanca’s eyes were wide open and she felt something strange in her body. She wanted to get away but she couldn’t. Matthew kissed her slowly and softly like she was a piece of art.

Damn it.

He was obsessed with her taste.

Did girls’ lips all taste so sweet like these?


Blanca panicked and pushed him away. Matthew paused and realized what he had done.

He kissed Blanca by force!

Blanca lay on the bed and her eyes were filled with terror, astonishment, anger and confusion.

“Matthew! You creepy jerk! Why did you just kiss me?”


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