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Sold to Mr. Arrogant novel Chapter 77

I had to make some necessary preparations to guarantee my friends’ safety. I asked Jessy to leave a document that contains all the details of my state in a certain spot that does not have any CCTVs. Tony’s clients would use the same way to deliver him the case they wanted him to work on keeping their identity a secret and eliminating any trail of the process.

I instructed Tony to tell Diana, John, Jack, and dad about this in private when the right time comes, he can’t send them any messages since their phones might be tracked. I also asked him to be careful at all times; he had to gather them in a safe place at the right time.

I stressed most the fact that I do not want his interference in my business, Tony does not like trouble but I am worried that John might do something crazy. Tony would take the right measurements; I will trust him with this. Gerald’s men might be more professional but in the neighborhoods, I live in with my friends. Gangsters take control.

Gerald’s men will not be able to touch them if they asked the gangs around for help or else a local war would arise which is totally not in Gerald’s image favor.

I sent Siergo’s a message asking him about what he is planning, he pissed me off with his playful attitude yesterday but I guess I will this matter slide as I need his assistance. He replied asking me to meet him in the same stupid restaurant as before.

Why does he like that restaurant that much, doesn’t he go anywhere else for a change? Jessy was on vacation so I did not know what to wear, I grabbed the simplest outfit in front of me which was a yellow sundress with beautiful ribbon straps.

I looked cute in it, I raised my hair in a bun and asked the driver to take me there, I told him that I have some work to discuss with the CEO, Gerald would know about this for sure so I wanted to make it easy on him.

‘I am not doing anything wrong after all, I have nothing to hide’ I wanted to deliver him this message when the truth is that we are just plotting against him.

Shawn’s POV:

After Lily left the room that way, I got a call in the morning from my underling who informed me that he has linked Gerald to the will’s disappearance. Indigo’s lawyer could not find the will no matter how hard he searched for it. As soon as Lily agreed to marry me, the will suddenly show up on his desk.


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