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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Roxanne was clueless about the incident at the kindergarten.
After leaving the kindergarten, she headed straight to the research institute set up in the country by her professor.
The moment she stepped into the building, she saw a charming man dressed in a suit approaching her.
“Welcome back, Roxanne. I’m excited to be your colleague again.”
Colby Galloway stood before her and extended his hand.
Roxanne nodded and shook his hand, quickly retracting it.
Previously, Colby was abroad. He was also in Harvey’s team and was involved in many types of research and development.
During that time, Colby had been her assistant. After all, he was a graduate of a famous school, and his capabilities were acknowledged by Roxanne and Harvey.
Though Roxanne’s attitude was impassive, Colby did not mind it. He smiled and offered, “Come on. I’ll bring you to the office.”
With that, he turned around and led the way, introducing the structure of the research institute and the key personnel along the way.
Upon reaching the office, Colby grinned at Roxanne, saying, “I’ve specially instructed someone to decorate this place. It’s based on your preferences in the past. Linda’s workplace is right outside.”
Roxanne studied the area and responded with a satisfied nod. “That’s really thoughtful of you. Thank you so much.”
Colby was momentarily stunned. He then put on a gentle smile. Even his voice sounded warm. “It’s nothing much. You don’t have to be so polite with me.”
As he was saying that, he could not conceal his liking for her that poured out from his gaze.
Despite knowing she was a mother of two, it did not decrease his adoration for her.
After all, Roxanne was an excellent woman in every aspect. In fact, she was so excellent that her qualities could cover up her shortcomings.
However, Roxanne did not notice the gaze he was giving her.
After briefly scanning the office, she said to Colby, “My purpose for coming here today is to understand the operations of the research institute. Could you bring me around the facility?”
Colby was still smiling brightly. “Okay.”
Roxanne nodded slightly and gestured for him to lead the way.
When Colby returned to his position in front of her, his smile turned bitter.
It was true that he liked Roxanne. Sadly, she only viewed him as an ordinary subordinate.
This is so… frustrating!
Soon, both of them left the office area and went straight to the main region of the research institute.
They arrived at the testing area. Several researchers wearing laboratory coats and masks could be seen busy working at their respective workbenches.
Roxanne did not want to disturb them. Hence, she asked Colby to briefly introduce all the projects and their progress.
By the afternoon, Roxanne already had a clear idea of the research institute’s situation.
At the same time, she discovered an important problem.
When they were visiting the testing area earlier, there was a foundation work area where no work was being carried out.
Roxanne asked the researchers about it, only to find that the drugs they needed were finished, and they were still waiting for the research institute to distribute them.
Many other areas were facing the same situation.
Due to the delay in the distribution of drugs, the research of several projects had no choice but to be put on hold temporarily, leading to an increase in cost and time needed for the projects.
Gradually, it led to a major loss to the research institute.
After stepping out of the testing area, Roxanne frowned and gave Colby a stern look. “The delay of drug distribution has caused many types of research to be put on hold. What’s going on here? Didn’t you find a way to solve this?”


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