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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Lucian furrowed his brows, and a look of annoyance flashed through his eyes.
Am I seeing things again? I wouldn’t bother about it if it’s just once or twice, but this has been going on for two days straight. I’ve been seeing her figure in different places. But the silhouette only flashes past my eyes without leaving any traces behind.
He could not help but snort coldly before retracting his gaze.
I must be going mad. That’s why I’m thinking of her again.
Meanwhile, Cayden had been waiting by the side for some time. Seeing Lucian not moving his feet, he asked carefully, “Mr. Farwell, our client has been waiting for a long time. Aren’t we going in?”
Lucian shut his eyes for a while and recollected himself before replying calmly, “Let’s go.”
With that, he strode into the building with his long legs.
Cayden followed closely behind him.
When Roxanne and Colby arrived in the private room, all the employees of the research institute were already there.
Colby let her sit in the main seat, while he took the one beside her. After getting themselves settled, he introduced her to the crowd, “I’m sure many of you have met Dr. Jarvis today, but I’d still like to introduce her to all of you.”
Everyone turned to look at Roxanne, who nodded as a form of greeting.
“This is Roxanne Jarvis. You may address her as Dr. Jarvis. Perhaps you might not be familiar with this name, but I’m sure everyone is familiar with the name she used abroad. She’s Professor Lambert’s greatest student, Janet.”
Everyone in the room was stunned to hear the name. It took them a while to come back to their senses, and their eyes were instantly filled with respect.
Janet was a name everyone in the medical industry was aware of. In fact, it would be safe to say that her name was well known abroad.
After all, she possessed great medical skills from a young age. Rumor had it that she inherited eighty percent of Harvey’s skills. She was basically a role model for the younger generation.
All that while, the employees thought Janet was a serious-looking, bespectacled academician with short hair.
To their surprise, she was a beautiful woman.
After returning to their senses, some of her admirers quickly stood up.
“Are you really Janet? I really admire you. I’ve read every thesis you wrote when you were abroad. You’re really my idol!”
“It’s our honor to be colleagues with you, Janet!”
The crowd started giving compliments, all of them looking extremely sincere.
After exchanging glances with everyone, Roxanne smiled. “Thank you for the compliments, everyone. Here’s to a fruitful collaboration.”
With that, she raised her glass.
The others, too, raised theirs and downed their drinks in one go.
Roxanne acted extremely friendly without any arrogance, causing all the employees to admire her even more.
It was a pleasant and cheerful meal.
Many of them toasted Roxanne, and she accepted them all.
She had a high alcohol tolerance, but there were too many people who approached her for a toast. Before she knew it, she was already feeling tipsy.
Seeing the dinner was about to end, Roxanne excused herself to the toilet to wash her face and freshen up.
As she walked out of the restroom and was on the way back to the private room, her phone vibrated.
Roxanne glanced at her phone to find a message from her children, asking her when was she going home.
Seeing the text put a heartwarming smile on her face. When she was about to stop in her tracks to reply to their text, someone bumped into her shoulder harshly, and her phone almost flew out of her hands.
Roxanne gripped her phone tightly and apologized to the other person. “I’m sorry—”
Before she could even finish, the man questioned angrily, “Are you blind? D*mn it. What a mood killer for such a night!”
As he spoke, a stench of alcohol entered her nostrils.
Roxanne knitted her brows and backed away discreetly, putting some distance between them.
When the drunkard saw her face clearly, he stopped scolding her and gaped at her beautiful face.


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