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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 21

Chapter 21
Estella obediently reached out her injured hand to him.
When he saw the wound on her hand, he knitted his brows. “What happened? Were you bullied by the other kids?”
Estella stiffened for a second before shaking her head vigorously.
She wasn’t bullied?
Lucian was confused. “Then what happened?”
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Estella then picked up her pencil and slowly wrote a few letters on her book-“treeped”.
She then cocked her head to the side, a little dubious of what she had just written.
It was too difficult for her to spell it out.
Whenever she could not spell out a word, she would usually try to spell it according to how it sounded, or she would just skip the word.
However, she did not often write out that word, so she was unsure if she actually spelled it right or not.
“Did you trip?”
Lucian asked after looking at the word she wrote.
Estella nodded.
Lucian then let out a sigh of relief and gently touched the spot she hurt herself at. “Did the teacher treat your wound?”
Estella nodded again.
Lucian nodded before his eyes drifted toward her fair little hands again. “This will take days to heal, and you need to treat the wound. I’ll help you, okay?”
Estella did not reject him.
Immediately, Lucian crouched down and lifted her into his arms before going down the stairs.
Once they reached the living room, he placed her on his lap and sat on the couch. At the same time, he said to Catalina, “Bring the medical kit over.”
Catalina nodded in response. It did not take her long before she brought the kit over.
Lucian then took out a spray from inside and sprayed it at her bruise. Then, he massaged the area for a while.
It was quite a bad bruise. Even though it had been hours since the initial impact, it still hurt.
Nevertheless, Estella did not kick up a fuss. She just pursed her lips as her brows furrowed.
Lucian turned to study her expression every once in a while to see if he was hurting her.
He lost himself in his thoughts when he saw her frowning face.
She looks a little like that woman when she’s solemn.
Sensing her father’s gaze, Estella looked up at him, baffled. Instantly, she spotted his injured lips,– and she pointed at them with a look of confusion.
It was easy to understand what she meant. She was asking him how he had gotten hurt.
Lucian held her hand and replied, “It’s fine. A wild kitty bit me.”
A wild kitty?
Estella became even more confounded. She grabbed the pencil and paper on the coffee table and wrote: Where did the cat come from?
Lucian’s eyes darkened a little. “From overseas.”
That was all he was willing to say. He was afraid that he would not be able to suppress his fury around his daughter.
When he noticed the perplexed look on her face, he reached out to take away the pencil and paper in her hands. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. It’s almost time. I’ll bring you to bed now.”
Estella was still curious about the matter, but she decided not to prod further at her father’s words. Obediently, she let her father carry her upstairs.
The two children were still awake when Roxanne went home. Madilyn was keeping them company as they watched the television.
The moment she entered, the two children looked away from the screen and ran over to her. “Mommy!”
Roxanne smiled and patted their heads.
“Did you drink?”
Archie smelled the alcohol on her and scrunched up his nose. “I’ll make a hangover remedy for you now. That way, your head won’t hurt when you wake the next morning.”
With that said, he turned and went into the kitchen.
Benny brought her all the way to the couch and made her sit before he climbed onto his mother’s lap. As he solemnly massaged her temples, he asked, “I’ll massage your head for you so that you won’t feel that bad.”
Madilyn could not help but feel jealous at how sensible the children were despite their young age. “Why are my godsons so sweet?”
Roxanne smiled and looked at her. “Do you like them? Have one yourself.”
Hearing that. Madilyn quickly shook her head. “Forget it then. The one I give birth to might not be as sensible as Archie and Benny. I just want to steal the ones from you.”
As Benny continued to massage his mother’s temples, he consoled his godmother, “Aunt Madilyn, there’s no need to steal us. If you’re drunk, Archie and I will surely take care of you in this way too!”
Hearing that, Madilyn wanted to carry the boy up and kiss him. However, the two boys were busy, and she could only squeeze out, “You boys are the best! I love you two to death!”
Roxanne shuddered from the cheesiness. She then took the hangover remedy that Archie gave her and slowly sipped on it.
By the time she was done with the concoction, it was already late at night.
“All right, I’m fine now. Hurry upstairs to rest.”
Roxanne kissed the foreheads of her two sons.
The two boys nodded and bid Madilyn good night before they went up the stairs.


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