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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Roxanne’s heart lurched to her throat and remained there as she hurried out of the airport. She kept turning at her shoulder to confirm he didn’t come after them.
Fortunately, his figure remained nowhere to be seen even after they exited the airport.
Roxanne could finally heave a sigh of relief.
The kids found it strange that she kept turning her head to glance behind them.
As Roxanne seemed anxious, they knew it wasn’t the time to ask questions. Without a word, they allowed her to drag them out obediently.
“Roxanne! Archie! Benny!” A woman called from afar.
The three of them lifted their heads and saw a lady dressed in a suit, waving at them happily as she made their way to them.
Roxanne relaxed gradually at the sight of the woman. Flashing a smile, she said, “Madilyn, it’s been so long!”
Madilyn Xander was her best friend back in university and was currently working as a doctor in her own family’s hospital.
Shortly after, Madilyn came to a stop before them and flung her arms around Roxanne. “You’re finally back home. I’ve missed you so much!” she said in a friendly manner.
Roxanne chuckled and replied, “I’ve missed you, too.”
They’ve been in touch over the years online but rarely got the chance to meet each other in real life.
After giving her a hug, Madilyn squatted down and pulled the boys into a hug. “My babies, do you miss me?”
Archie and Benny giggled adorably before answering in unison, “Of course we do! Aunt Madilyn, we even dreamed of you. You’re still as pretty as ever!”
“How sweet of you!” Madilyn beamed happily after hearing their praise.
Roxanne’s guard was still up. She glanced at the gate of the airport and said calmly, “Let’s go. We can talk back home.”
Madilyn gave the boys a peck each on their cheeks before getting to her feet. After placing the luggage in her car truck, she ushered them into her car and sped away.
At the same time, Lucian appeared at the gate of the airport.
“Cancel my schedule overseas,” he told his assistant, Cayden Lawson.
Cayden gave a brief nod in acknowledgment. “Mr. Farwell, we’ve widened the search for Ms. Estella. She’s young and can’t go far. Don’t worry.”
Ms. Estella is Mr. Farwell’s darling daughter. It’s more crucial to find her. His work overseas isn’t as important in this situation.
Lucian’s gaze turned dark as he strode toward the Maybach parked by the road.
Soon, the car drove away.
An hour later, Madilyn’s car arrived in Durwest Garden. It was a residential area full of mansions.
Roxanne had asked for Madilyn’s help to rent a place, and this was the house that Madilyn had gotten her.
The four of them hopped out of the car and entered the new house under Madilyn’s lead.
“The surroundings seem nice. I like this place.”
Satisfied, Roxanne turned to look at Madilyn. “You’re quite efficient, huh?”
Madilyn arched a brow. “I’m your neighbor. The owner of this house moved to the capital and wanted to rent this place out. I happened to stumble upon it. Whenever we’re free, we can visit each other’s places.”
Roxanne’s lips curved as she bobbed her head in agreement.
After she unpacked their stuff briefly, it was time for dinner.
Hence, Madilyn brought them out for dinner.
She had just driven into the restaurant’s parking lot and was about to park her car when a little girl ran out of a dark corner.
Madilyn slammed on the brakes before her car could hit the little girl. In shock, she stared at the little girl who had collapsed to the ground.
Roxanne’s heart was racing at the near accident, too. She turned to make sure her boys were fine before opening the door to get out.
There was a young girl around five years old mere inches away from the car. She sat on the ground, clearly in a state of shock.
Roxanne felt her heart soften at the sight. She made her way to the girl carefully before asking, “Hey, are you hurt?”
The young girl had a fair complexion and looked sweet with her hair braided up. She had a tall nose, huge eyes, and delicate features. Dressed in a pink fluffy dress, she hugged an expensive doll in her arms.
Hearing Roxanne’s voice, the little girl regained her composure and shook her head shyly. She didn’t forget to eye Roxanne warily.
Roxanne’s heart stirred as she observed the little girl silently. After confirming that the little girl was unharmed, she heaved a sigh of relief inwardly and reached out to help the little girl up.
She had just stretched her hand out when the little girl cowered back in fear.
Roxanne’s hand paused midair. Flashing an assuring smile, she explained, “Don’t worry. I just want to help you up.”
Glancing around, she asked doubtfully, “Where are your parents? Why are you alone?”
The young girl hugged her doll tightly and shook her head without uttering a word.
Roxanne’s brows snapped together, for she had no idea how to communicate with the girl.
Madilyn and the boys soon got out of the car.
Archie and Benny shared a curious look when they noticed the little girl remaining silent the entire while.
She looks cute. Why isn’t she talking? Could she be a mute?


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