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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 30

Chapter 30
Soon, the trio arrived in front of Roxanne.
In Lucian’s arms, Estella stared at the beautiful lady in front of her. A rare expression of joy appeared on her face.
Roxanne wasn’t sure how to react to being stared at by the father and daughter duo.
Thankfully, the man in front of Lucian spoke first to break the silence. “Are you the doctor recommended by Dr. Galloway to treat Old Mr. Queen?”
Roxanne adjusted her expression and smiled. “Yes. My name’s Roxanne Jarvis.”
“Dr. Jarvis.” The man stretched his hand out. “I’m Jonathan Queen. This here is my sister, Frieda Queen.”
When he finished, he turned to Lucian. “This is… Well, we regard him as our elder brother. His last name is Farwell.”
Roxanne tried to nod calmly and greeted, “Mr. Queen, Ms. Queen, Mr. Farwell.”
The moment she finished speaking, Lucian’s crisp and meaningful chuckle rang out. There was a mocking tone in the laughter.
Roxanne lowered her head to hide the emotions in her eyes.
Frieda studied her briefly before furrowing her eyebrows. She questioned, “You’re the one who said you can treat my grandpa’s condition, right? You look about as young as us, though. I doubt you have been working as a doctor for long. Are you sure you can do it?”
Her attitude mirrored the one the butler had earlier.
However, since it came from the patient’s family member, Roxanne didn’t mind her doubt.
Before she could explain, Jonathan smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. My grandpa’s condition has been getting quite serious. We’ve hired all sorts of famous doctors in and out of the country, yet none of them could do anything. Our sister is simply worried that our grandfather will suffer – even further. After all, a lot of doctors had given us false hope. It has happened enough times that we can’t help but be cautious. I hope you don’t mind, Dr. Jarvis.”
He then shot a glare at Frieda. “Dr. Jarvis is here to treat Grandpa. How can you be so rude toward her? Apologize to her right now.”
Frieda unwillingly looked away and muttered in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Roxanne didn’t mind that at all. When she heard the apology, she smiled.
“It’s fine. After all, you two are his family members. I understand that you have concerns. However, I assure you I’m capable. I may be young and, I might not look like a doctor with years of experience under my belt, but I’ve researched many complicated diseases abroad. My experience isn’t as plenty as doctors who had been in the profession for decades, but I’m
confident in my abilities.”
When she finished, she pulled out a document from her bag and handed it to Jonathan. “This contains my achievements over the years. You can take a look jourself before deciding if I’m qualified to treat Old Mr. Queen.”
Jonathan didn’t expect she would be that prepared.
When he reprimanded Frieda earlier, he himself didn’t trust Roxanne that much either.
However, after seeing how confident she appeared and spoke, it was enough to convince him that she was capable even without looking at her credentials.
Still, his responsibility for taking care of Alfred and curiosity about Roxanne compelled him to grab the documents to take a look.
Before he could touch the document, a chiseled hand suddenly reached out and snatched the document away.


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