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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Childe King Asked Me to Pick You Up 

Due to the disruption caused by Tom and his gang, Hedy was running a bit late in returning to school

Now, it was the peak time for students to come back to campus, and she inevitably became the center of attention due to the incident during the assembly

Groups of students gathered around, pointing and whispering about Hedy. Some looked at her with admiration, while others murmured excitedly

Look, that’s Hedy, so cool!” 

She looks amazing with her new hairstyle. The girls at our school have been bombarding the stylists in San Francisco with phone calls!” 

The students from Class 7 even put her on the Campus Beauty Rankings,and guess what? She made it to the top fifty in just one made it to the top fifty in just one morning!” 

That’s understandable. She taught Lisa and her mother a lesson, which was satisfying for everyone. Even I voted for her!” 

But as a student, shouldn’t studying be the most important thing? Her grades were already not great, and now she transferred to Class 7. What future can she have?” 

And she canceled the engagement to the Johnson Family. That’s the dumbest decision she has ever made.” 

That comment received nods of agreement from many students



Dupe 10 Old King Achi Ke 20 

The class divide was a challenging gap to bridge

For someone like Hedy, a common farmer’s daughter, it was incredibly difficult to climb up the social ladder within the limited span of her life

The Johnson Family was her only shortcut, but she gave it up

It was such a foolish decision

A boy approached Hedy, rubbing the back of his head shyly. Hi, Hedy. I admire what you did during the assembly. Can we be friends?” 

His words sparked a chain reaction, and suddenly, many students flocked toward Hedy

Can I add you as a friend? Here’s my WhatsApp number” 

Hedy, let’s exchange WhatsApp and hang out sometime!” 

Do you use Twitter or any other social media, Hedy?” 

What’s your phone number?” 

Sun widened his eyes and quickly joined in, Goddess Hedy, I don’t have your contact information yet!” 

On the second floor of a restaurant

Gloria held a cup of fruit tea, her voice gentle. Hedy is quite popular now.” 

She gained temporary attention with her video recording trick, but it’s nothing compared to you,Oliver commented, his gaze fixed on Hedy, his eyes narrowed

Every time he looked at her, he couldn’t help but recall the incident 




Chay To Chie King Askate Purou Ob 

earlier this morning when she called off their engagement and told him to get lost

Are you still upset that Hedy called off the engagement with you?Gloria lowered her eyelids slightly, her profile exuding a soft and graceful charm

I simply don’t understand why she dares to treat me, the Johnson Family, like that!Oliver sneered. I am more than happy to see her call off the engagement!” 

Gloria pondered for a moment. Maybe it’s because she liked you so much, but you always gave her the cold shoulder, and her sadness. eventually turned to hatred.” 

Hate me if she wants!Oliver’s handsome face turned cold

Considering Hedy’s intense threeyear infatuation with him, Gloria’s speculation made sense

Love unrequited bred resentment? How absurd

Outside the restaurant, more and more students surrounded Hedy, their eyes filled with anticipation

Hedy lightly said, I don’t enjoy socializing.” 

With those words, she left, leaving behind a graceful silhouette that captivated everyone

God, she’s so cool. I love her so much!” 

Hedy’s fanboys and fangirls whispered in excitement

The bell rang on time, and just as Hedy thought the afternoon classes 




Chapter 10 Childe King Askavi kde to Pick You 

would be selfstudy like in the morning, a gentlelooking man in his midthirties walked into the classroom

He was Barty Evan, the teacher in charge of and language teacher of Class 7

Barty dressed modestly, wearing glasses, with a few teaching books in his left hand and a thermos cup in his right hand. The fragrance of wolfberries wafted from the cup, a typical teacher’s setup

Before we start the class, I want to introduce our new classmate, Hedy. I want you all to be nice to her, got it?” 

Got it!The students replied lazily

They were already busy protecting Goddess Hedy

They weren’t like those brats from Class 2

Good. Now turn to page 25 of your textbooks.Mr. Evan switched to teaching mode

The students yawned and snacked, showing little interest

Nevertheless, Mr. Evan taught diligently, fulfilling his duty

Hedy quickly skimmed through the textbook, not paying attention to Mr. Evan’s teaching

To her, Mr. Evan’s teaching method was too templated and only suitable for true beginners

When the bell rang for the end of the class, the previously drowsy students came alive again. Mr. Evan stood at the podium, looking at those youthful and innocent faces, filled with concern

The students were still young, at an age where they needed to acquire 




Chapter 10 Chakle King kaked Me 

knowledge. He had to convince the other teachers to come back and teach, even though he had already tried several times

He returned to his office and left a pack of cigarettes on the math teacher’s desk

Mr. Zorn, it’s been a while since you went to Class 7. The kids miss 


It would be crazy if they miss me. Mr. Evan, haven’t you realized the truth yet?Mr. Zorn stopped writing

Let’s be frank about it. Those kids in Class 7 are nothing more than abandoned children that the prestigious families and corporations couldn’t care less about. They were simply sent here to attend school. If their parents wanted to nurture them, would they let them stay in Class 


They can’t even handle themselves properly. All they do is mess 

around, play on their phones, or sleep. Why bother trying to control them? Why not find a way to get the principal to transfer you out?” 

Mr. Evan fell silent

As the evening approached, hues of rosy colors scattered in the sky

Hedy declined the escort offered by the Class 7 students and walked out of the school alone

Ms. Ellis, Childe King sent me to pick you up.A casually dressed man approached Hedy


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