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The Killer Queen with Multiple Disguises by Novia Ford novel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Pulling off the Coolest Fight with the Calmest Expression

Generally speaking, hooligans wouldn’t easily provoke children from prestigious families. Their families had large businesses and intricate networks of influence behind them

But Sun was different

The old Mr. Miller, Sun’s grandfather, was a military man with a stern character. He never coddled his descendants

If his grandson had poor grades, he would be placed in the corresponding class without any special treatment

If his grandson was bullied, it meant he was weak, and the weak were not worthy of being part of the Miller Family

This attitude resulted in Sun’s background being practically useless. He was a target for anyone, treated like a dog, making him the most pitiful rich second generation

Just as tensions were mounting, the sound of a spoon being placed on a ceramic plate came from the side

Hedy had finished eating

It was only then that everyone noticed her presence

Hedy? What are you doing here?Sun’s pupils contracted

Oh, you know each other? She’s quite pretty,Tom, the young hooligan, said, abandoning Sun and approaching Hedy’s table

So, do you want to stand up for your friend?” 

Hedy calmly wiped her lips without any change in her delicate face




Chapter 9 Pulling off the Contest Fight with the Catreet Exprescient 

She had no interest in meddling in othersaffairs

She’s just a new classmate who joined our class today. We’re not friends. You’ve got it wrong,Sun said, wishing he could slap himself

Why did he have to involve Hedy

These hooligans were different from Lisa and Jack

They had a history of violence and criminal records at the police station

A new classmate?” Tom became interested and pointed at Sun. 


you don’t know how miserable this kid is. Let me tell you, his family never cares about him. He’s the heir of a big corporation, but we often chase him around and beat him up. Isn’t it funny? Hahaha.” 

Sun looked a bit embarrassed

He didn’t want more people to know about these embarrassing incidents

Goddess Hedy must find it unbelievable and hilarious

He stole a glance at Hedy, but to his surprise, there was no hint of mockery in her eyes

She was like a perennially frozen lake, impervious to the howling of the biting northern wind, exuding a unique sense of beauty that was detached from the world

Tom was also captivated and halted his laughter. Hey, girl, how about being my girlfriend?” 

Compared to all those female internet celebrities, this girl was far more beautiful, not just in looks but also in temperament



Crestem Fights with the Cat 

Hedy ignored Tom and walked towards the exit of the restaurant 

She had no time to waste chatting with these scum

Tom was taken aback. He had been hitting on girls for so many years, and no girl had ever dared to walk away without even glancing at him

Hey? Can’t you hear Tom?Other hooligans shouted

Tom waved his hand, pretending to be understanding. It’s okay, let her go. Look at her expression. Maybe her mother died, and she’s in a hurry to go back for the funeral.” 

Hedy, just one step away from the door, stopped in her tracks

She had her back turned to the group, hiding her facial expression from everyone’s view

They only knew that such remarks would provoke a response from Hedy

Another hooligan provoked her even more. Tom is smart. He can even observe that. I bet not only did her mother die, but her father also died together!” 

YouSun’s expression changed

Fighting was one thing, insulting was another, but cursing someone’s parents was just too much

I didn’t intend to lay a finger on you.” 

Hedy’s cold voice echoed in everyone’s ears

She locked the glass door of the restaurant, taking her time. Because you’re nothing more than maggots living in the sewer, feeding off scraps, thinking you’re as powerful as kings.” 



Chapter 9 Putting off the Coles Wight 

She locked the door from the inside. But in fact, you are weak and lowly, and you stink all over.” 

Having done all that, she turned around to face the crowd. I hope you won’t regret provoking me.” 

Her family was her most important bottom line

Hedy, calm down!” 

Sun was stunned

Goddess Hedy’s words and actions were just crazy

Couldn’t she first assess the situation around her

Wasn’t she afraid of getting beaten up even worse later

You think you can play tough, you bitch?” 

The burly hooligan approached Hedy, raising his arm, intending to grab her hair and give her a beating

Hedy also approached him and grabbed his arm, giving it a fierce twist


He screamed in agony as his arm snapped, hanging in a grotesque position from his shoulder

The rest of the group froze

What just happened

How was it possible that, in the blink of an eye, the brawniest among them had his arm twisted and broken

And the one who twisted it was a scrawny underage female student




Chupiter Pulling of the Cedar Fight with the Catest Expres 

This was absurd

What are you all staring at? Let’s go! Together!Tom pulled out a knife from his back pocket and called for the others to join in attacking Hedy

He had noticed that this girl had some skills, but they had numbers, so he wasn’t afraid

Facing the oncoming crowd, Hedy grabbed the utensil holder from a table and flicked it


The forks inside the holder flew like throwing knives, aiming for the faces of Tom’s companions

In a daze, Sun seemed to see a fork graze his nose

Then he saw Hedy charging forward

He saw Hedy swiftly and effortlessly take down Tom’s companions one after another, using moves that belonged in action movies. The entire process took no more than ten seconds

Soon, Tom was left isolated and helpless

Guys!Tom cried out, looking at his unconscious buddies with terror in his eyes

He swung the knife towards Hedy, yelling, You’re dead!” 

Hedy raised her leg high and kicked his wrist, causing the knife to spin like a windmill, soaring high into the air before rapidly descending

Without even looking, she reached out and precisely caught the handle of the knife, then swiftly pulled her arm




Chaps & Pulling wh the Cooked Fight with the Cert 


A deep, bonevisible wound appeared on Tom’s arm, blood splattering everywhere


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