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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 15

The world spun around Rachel as she found herself being pinned down on the sofa by Justin, whose eyes were so sharp as if they could penetrate a person’s mind. “How dare you have designs on Julian, of all people? What is your purpose, to sow discord between us or to make me lose face? Or are you doing so to deliberately take revenge on Sue because of your hatred toward her?”

Rachel couldn’t move at all as Justin held her wrists in a vice-like grip. She panicked at once. What does he want to do?! she thought to herself.

Justin gently traced her brows and eyes with his thumb. “What a clear and beautiful pair of eyes you have. Unfortunately, they’re tainted with ill intentions and the filth of someone who would stop at nothing to get what she wants. How could a pretty and innocent lady exist in the Hudson Family?”

Surprisingly, his tone of voice betrayed a hint of strange hatred. Hatred? Rachel couldn’t understand where his hatred came from. She tried with all her might to break free of his grasp, and her mouth opened and closed repeatedly as she mouthed, “Let go of me… Let go of me…”

However, Justin grasped her so hard that it hurt her. As she thought of how she had been living in trepidation in the Burton Residence over the last few days and how he was slinging mud at her right now, all her grievances welled up inside her at once. While she struggled, the medical report issued by the hospital fell out of her pocket—it contained her grandmother’s medical history.

Justin picked up the report, took a look at it, and looked stunned for a moment. It turns out that she isn’t lying, he thought to himself. He then looked down at the woman beneath him who had already burst into tears. This was her first time shedding tears in front of him, and she cried without making a sound as tears flowed silently down the corners of her eyes. For some reason, his initial anger dissipated inexplicably. “I’ll let you off this time. If I see you getting too close to Julian again in the future, I will lock you up,” he uttered.

The last three words he uttered made Rachel tremble all over. After he left, she tremblingly picked up the medical report and put it away. Finally, she closed her eyes hard as a slightly hoarse crying voice came from her throat. If it weren’t for the fact that she had no choice, she really wished she could stay away from the Burton Residence and never see Justin ever again!

The next morning, Rachel woke up with her eyes puffy from crying. She had deliberately avoided meeting Julian since the night before; whenever she happened to run into him, she would pretend not to see him. In order to avoid suspicion, she didn’t even go downstairs until Julian had left.

On the other hand, Sue felt even angrier when she saw how Julian was about to speak, yet he said nothing in disappointment. She went straight up to Rachel and warned, “No matter what your purpose is, you mustn’t get close to my son in the future. Do you hear me?!”

Since she had no intention of arguing with the older woman, Rachel nodded and was about to leave. However, Sue barked coldly and said, “Stay where you are!”


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