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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 

Rachel froze before she grabbed at the bedsheets. She then shook her head and gestured, I didnt do anything

She was not Jeffrey‘s dog, and she hated the Hudsons. After all, she was forced to marry into the Burton Family only because she was concerned about her grandmother. 

“What? You want me to believe you just because you shook your head?” Justin‘s voice gradually became deeper. His rough hand moved upward, seeming as though he would snap Rachel‘s neck at any moment. 

He was truly incensed now. Ever since the mute woman arrived at their household, the Burtons hadn‘t had a moment of peace. Now, she even caused a huge scandal like this. She was just a mute, yet they had underestimated her. 

Rachel‘s face turned red from exertion as she valiantly tried to fight off his powerful grip. She didn‘t want to die, for her grandmother was still waiting to be rescued–she could not die either. 

“Looks like you won‘t admit it unless I mete out some sort of punishment!” Justin let out a cold scoff when he saw her struggling stubbornly. All of a sudden, he put in more power and lifted her up completely 

Rachel was so startled that she let out a cry. Even though she couldn‘t speak, fear still made her throat produce a hoarse sound. It was 


scratchy and unpleasant to the ear, and it drew Justin’s ire. 

The man lifted her up and brought her straight to the bathroom. Then, he flung her into the gigantic bathtub before he coldly ordered, “Take off your clothes!” 

Rachel froze. 

What was Justin going to do? 

She lifted her head, but all that met her gaze was Justin’s icy cold eyes, devoid of any warmth. Right now, any explanation she could give would seem weak and useless. 

Rachel snapped her eyes shut and bit her lip. After some hesitation, she gave into the situation, and she began taking off her skirt with slow movements. Off went her blouse, and off went her safety shorts. In the end, all she had on was her bra. 

Every inch of her body was exposed to Justin‘s eyes, and nothing was hidden. Right now, she felt she was like a plaything with no respect. 

The next moment, Justin turned on the tap filled with cold water. 

Icy cold water spilled over her head, viciously drenching the rest of her body. Instantly, all the warmth that her body had vanished. Rachel shuddered violently as all the color left her 



It’s so freezing cold

“I‘ll ask you one more time is the news true?” Beyond the curtain of water, Justin spoke to her in a low voice, each word he said pounding at Rachel‘s heart icily. 

Rachel shivered as she shook her head. Even though her teeth chattered, she would not admit to something that she hadn‘t done. 

No, its not true

Her entire body was being assaulted by the cold water to the point that she was shivering from the cold. Any other man would have felt something upon seeing her like this. 

Likewise, Justin was no exception. After he temporarily stopped the water to let it drain, Rachel wrapped her arms around her chest. She kept shivering, and her face had already turned green from the cold. 

As long as you admit it, I will let you go,” he said frostily. This was the last chance he would give her. 

Rachel continued to shake her head. She forced herself to put up with her discomfort and gestured with her hands, still shivering all this while. 


I never did any of it. Wont you believe me

Justin did not know sign language, but he could still see that she was denying the accusations valiantly 

If she hadn‘t been a Hudson, he wouldn‘t have continued treating her like this. After all, he had ways of finding out the truth, and there was no need for him to do any of this. However, she was a Hudson, and she had to fail in upholding her duties and caused such trouble. 

Can the Hudson family even breed good people

With that thought in mind, Justin‘s anger reared its head again. He immediately turned on the tap once more and said, “Stubborn, aren‘t you? In that case, just stand here until you admit it.” 

Water once again spilled over her, and Rachel‘s shoulders shrank back violently. 

However, Justin took a step back and coldly looked at his watch, nary a sign of concern on his face. He wanted to see how long Rachel could withstand this treatment. 


Time ticked by. Rachel stood in the tub, her mind addled from the rush of cold water. Meanwhile, her thin legs kept shaking. Several times, she nearly toppled over from losing her footing. Despite all that, she had no intention of giving in. She could not shoulder such a heavy, scandalous burden, but she wasn‘t willing to let 



She never once said anything even before she fainted 

There must be something else behind this matter 

My head hurts, and my throat itches

Judging from the smell..

Its ginger sou


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