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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Although he was speaking in a low volume, the words thundered in Rachel’s ears.

unfiltered cold treatments. Despite knowing what kind of man he was, Jefferey still insisted that Rachel was to bear his child.

What bullsh*t is this?

That’s impossible. Rachel shook her head.

Jefferey’s expression remained calm as he stated, “It’s not impossible. Feed him with this-pour it in his drink when he’s not watching, and you’ll eventually get impregnated.”

Instantly, Rachel was thoroughly dumbfounded.

What father in the right mind would say such things to his daughter?

When she previously returned to the Hudson Residence, she bore an optimism that her father would show her some sympathy, but it ultimately vanished as each day went by.

Despite that, she had never expected her father to treat her as an object that was to simply be sold off to the Burton Family. After all, she believed that he still had a heart.

Did you ever see me as your own daughter, Dad? As she stared at Jefferey, she attempted to draw a little empathy from her father.

“Of course! You‘re even the young mistress of the Hudson Family, so you’ve got to know that these burdens are yours to carry, Rachel. Once you give birth to Justin’s child, his family will belong to you this will be beneficial to you as well.”

As he smugly continued explaining his plans, the insatiable greed in his eyes felt like an avalanche falling upon his elder daughter.

She gritted her teeth and expressed. I can’t do it.

After receiving a warning from Justin, she refused to play with fire any longer.

Instantly, Jefferey’s face became gloomy. “Do it even if you can’t.”

Before Rachel could sign anything, she was interrupted by Amber and Justin’s voices from outside the room.

He swiftly shoved the paper bag into her hands, grabbing her hands as he sternly reminded, “Don’t forget that your grandmother is still in the hospital.”

Since her father had leverage on her, no matter how resistant she was, she had to force herself to take on the mission.

“What are you talking about?” Justin’s voice sounded behind them.

Upon feeling a chill in her spine, Rachel hastily stuffed the paper bag into her sleeves.

“Nothing much. Just a simple catch-up since it’s been a while since she last returned.” After straightening his back, he calmly turned to Justin with a forced smirk. “She mentioned that she has been well taken care of at the Burton Residence.”

“Is that so?” Justin gave Rachel a knowing look.

As their eyes met, she couldn’t hide her guilt as her face turned pale.

“Uhh… Dad hasn’t seen Rachel for so long, so why don’t we just leave them two to chat? Let me bring you upstairs, Justin.” Amber hated it when Justin showed Rachel any attention, so she dragged his arm.

“It’s fine. Rachel can lead me.”

Upon hearing that, Rachel was visibly stunned as she peered at him in a perplexed manner.

Amber tugged his arm disappointedly. “Justin…”

After jerking his arm away, he sent Rachel a cold leer. “Isn’t that right, Rachel?”

At the mention of her name, all she could feel was coldness and nothing else.

What does he want to do?

Amber watched as Justin and Rachel went upstairs, and she furiously stomped her foot.

“Sit down, Amber.” Looking at his rebellious daughter, Jefferey was tilted.

How intriguing of him! Jefferey couldn’t help but wonder what it was that Justin did to charm his daughter, making her so hooked onto him.

If that were to go on, he would be in a lose-lose situation.

Meanwhile, Rachel led Justin to her bedroom upstairs.


She felt slightly cramped after shutting the door and pulled the chair at the desk out, inviting Justin over for a seat.

simply stood before the bookshelves. After pulling a book out from the collection, he asked in a seemingly nonchalant manner, “What did Jefferey say to you just now?”

He saw it!

All of a sudden, the door suddenly sounded with a creak.


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