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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Meanwhile, Amber felt a little awkward during Justin’s interrogation inside the bedroom. “O-Of course, I have! It’s a family heirloom!”

Having mastered psychology after years of business, he could tell she hadn’t the slightest idea based on how she was mumbling.

You sly fox, Jefferey! You don’t even trust your daughter!

However, since Jefferey had sent Amber to study medicine, it was obvious that he wanted to prepare her to take over Hudson Pharmaceuticals in the future.

Justin didn’t expose his rival despite knowing this.

Just then, Amber hastily switched the topic. “Honestly, Justin, I’ve got no interest in managing the family business. Besides, Dad sent me to study traditional medicine, so I think I should branch out on my own. Why don’t you lend me a hand?”

Justin lifted his gaze from the book and asked, “What do you want?”

“I want to work in a hospital.”

“Which one?”

“Tran-Q.” Amber Warily studied Justin’s expression, fearing that she might expose herself.


Justin seemed like he had realized something.

“Sure.” He spoke with a freezing tone that resonated within the house, and anyone who paid attention to his voice could easily be captivated.

It was lunchtime soon, and Amber continuously served food to Justin.

In response, he simply thanked her and turned to grab a glass of water without touching any of his cutleries.

Upon seeing that, Rachel mentally shook her head.

Having spent her fair share of days at the Burton Residence, she knew Justin’s dining habits very well. For one, would never eat any food that was served to him with personal cutleries. Also, as long as there wasn’t a serving spoon on the table, he wouldn’t start eating.

Amber is going overboard with her bootlicking.

However, since they’re so close to each other, perhaps he’ll make an exception for her, Rachel guessed.

Meanwhile, Justin noticed that she was zoning out and pushed his plate before her. “The family chef is quite talented! Eat up, Rachel.”

The woman was surprised by his caring tone; when she regained her senses, she saw that Amber was evidently upset.

If gazes could kill, she would’ve been murdered by her sister a million times over.

Rachel felt a chill down her spine, and she couldn’t help but suspect that Justin was purposefully doing this to trigger Amber’s hatred toward her.

I can’t finish this. She signaled and pushed the plate back to him. You eat up.

However, the plate was stopped halfway on its way back to Justin.

When Rachel saw his cold leer, her hand immediately turned into jelly and she no longer dared to push the plate any further.

After a short while, she forced a smirk and pulled the plate back to herself. Thanks.

Throughout lunch, Jefferey sneaked some questions about Justin’s business. The latter was probably in a good mood, for he revealed some inside information about his company.

“Director Humphries from the Security Council said that?” Jefferey‘s eyes shone like stars.

As he remained as calm as usual, Justin stated, “Actually, it was my assistant who heard it from Director Humphries during a partnership meeting last week. However, the risk of loaning remains high, so even the Arden Group is still waiting whilst observing.”

“If Arden Group has set its eyes on the loaning terms, it must mean they’re exceptional,” Jefferey expressed in delight, “What a fine day. Bring some wine over, Rosa!”

When she saw her father being so lax, Rachel couldn’t help but break into a cold sweat.

Although she wasn’t exactly informed about the business industry, she could tell what Justin just said was merely a guess, and the profit-loss probability was 50-50. Moreover, the way he casually brought up Director Humphries and the Arden Group bought Jefferey off so easily.


With how significant the Hudson Group’s loss was right now, Jefferey’s debts would certainly reach new highs if he were to actually invest in a new field. By then, one mistake could cost him the entire company


Meanwhile, Justin revealed a frown as he grew impatient. In his mind, Rachel was always staring into

Before she got on the vehicle, she walked past Amber. The latter whispered in her ears, “What he said about returning to keep you company is just bullsh*t! Justin’s only here to see me. Well, youve seen how much he adores me. I reckon you’ve never even gotten a gift from him, have you? In his eyes, you’re nothing more than a slave.”

Although Rachel was tilted, she maintained an apathetic expression and signaled. In that case, why are you trying so hard to be his slave?

Jefferey revealed a frown and uttered, “Stop your foolery. Did you tell Justin what I told you to?”


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