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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Rachel was badly hurt by Justin’s grip, yet she could only let out a hideous wail. Even the driver, who sneaked a couple of peeks, was pained by the view.

“What about the item Jefferey gave you?” His freezing voice echoed in the car. Justin was certain that Jefferey had handed her something, but they were interrupted by Amber just then.

Rachel started tearing up as she continuously shook her head in an aggravated manner.

When her devastated look reached Justin’s eyes, he subconsciously loosened his grip.

It had been so long since that particular exchange; even if he did give her something, she must’ve concealed it by now. There was no way she would show it to him.

“It’s best if you remember that living with the Burtons means you’re one of us. You’d better not waver your loyalty… or else.”

After seeing her curl up in the corner of the seat with a face as pale as snow, he immediately let go of her.

He was aware of Rachel’s position in her family. Although he wasn’t sure back then, he had certainly confirmed his suspicions after having visited the Hudson Residence earlier.

If it weren’t for the leverage her father had against her, she wouldn’t have been so obedient toward him.

After being reminded of the matter with the hospital, Justin had already come up with a plan.

Meanwhile, Rachel, who was staring at him in terror, grabbed her aching neck with one hand as she pushed herself against the car door. It was not until she was sure that he had unhanded her that she finally dared to take a breath.

As a result, the strangling incident moments ago had left a scar in her heart-it was indeed a challenge for her to remain by Justin’s side.

After dropping her off at the Burton Residence, Justin went straight to Burton Group.

Frankie, who was Justin’s assistant, poured a glass of tea and entered the latter’s office.

“I’ve talked to the hospital, Mr. Burton. Miss Amber can go for her internship first thing tomorrow.”

“Have you informed Julian already?” Without lifting his head, Justin took a sip of the tea before turning a page of his book.

“Not yet. Doctor Peters is absent today, but the Dean will inform him soon.”

He lifted his head slightly and asked, “Is Rachel’s grandmother hospitalized there?

“Yes.” Frankie nodded. “Doctor Peters is indeed her main operator, but…”

Upon sensing the pause in his assistant’s speech, Justin raised his head and asked coldly, “But what?”

“The hospital records show that he had paid for her operation bills.”

Frankie was thoroughly baffled as to why Julian would pay for Rachel’s grandmother to undergo surgery.

Upon hearing that, Justin revealed a frown.

As he continued to turn the pages, Frankie’s face slightly froze.

After a while, he hesitantly stated, “You seem to care about your wife very much, Mr. Burton.”

In fact, the book Justin was reading was a guide to sign languages-one that Frankie had never seen in his boss’ office. Since having entered his office, Justin never once let go of the book.

As he pondered on Rachel’s situation, Frankie couldn’t help but feel confused.

“Should we call the hospital and request for a more refined surgeon?”

Just as Justin was thinking about something, he became distracted by Frankie’s words and immediately shot him a cold leer.

His assistant was taken aback by this and hastily apologized, “I’ve spoken too much.”

After he exited the office, the room became silent.

As Justin’s fingers brushed against the pages of the book, he had reached its last page and noticed some words on an empty space there. Evidently, the book had its share of age given its faded texts, though one could still read it with ease. It was the lyrics of ‘To the Oak’.

‘If I love you, I won’t climb over you like the vines, stepping over you to look refined…


Rachel wasn’t mad about this, and she simply signed. Where’s Madam Parham?

At that, Rachel was stunned because what she had just expressed wasn’t actually sign language. A normal person would have completely acknowledged what she was trying to ask.

‘Why are you home? Don’t you have work today?’

“I’m on leave today,” Julian explained. “By the way, I’m going to the hospital tonight. Do you want to come along?”

‘Maybe not today, but I’ll go tomorrow.’


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