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The Silent Wife novel (Rachel and Justin) novel Chapter 8

Rachel panicked at once, and she went downstairs before running out in a hurry. The servants were about to stop her, but Sue stopped them from doing so since she thought that Rachel had run away in a fit of pique after being irritated by the scene of Amber and Justin getting along. She said, “Ignore her. It’s good that she’s leaving!”

On the other hand, Rachel took a taxi to the hospital downtown. Fortunately, her grandmother was already out of danger—a new resident doctor of internal medicine had operated on her.

Lying on the sickbed with her eyes closed was a gray-haired old woman whose faint breaths proved that she was still alive. Rachel’s tears fell in drops as she kneeled before the sickbed while holding her grandmother’s hand. She didn’t cry when her father forced her to marry into the Burton Family, nor did she cry whenever Sue gave her a hard time or whenever the servants looked down on her. However, her grandmother, who had treated her most kindly, was the only thing who could tug at her heartstrings; she would break down if her emotional anchor collapsed.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Rachel looked back subconsciously and saw a young and handsome man in a white coat. “Hello. I’m Julian Peters, the patient’s chief surgeon. You must be the patient’s family. I need to talk to you about her condition.”

Rachel was grateful to the doctor who had helped her grandmother. She wiped her tears, made a few gestures, and gave him a sincerely grateful smile.

Julian was stunned by the lady’s smile. Her eyes, which had been washed with tears, were as extremely beautiful as the rainbow after the rain. “Ahem, you’re welcome.” He didn’t understand sign language, but he somehow understood what Rachel meant. “The old madam’s condition is only stabilized for the time being, and she still needs to undergo another major surgery. In the meantime, please try your best to speak to her ear and spend more time with her. Soothe her emotions and tell her not to be nervous; it will be good for the surgery’s effects.”

Rachel pursed her lips and nodded slightly. Since she knew that the doctor didn’t understand sign language, she merely listened quietly to him while smiling politely from time to time.

Julian felt very well-disposed toward this beautiful lady at first sight, so he made a special effort to tell her some safety precautions. Just as he was about to leave, Rachel stopped him. She took a pen from her handbag, wrote an IOU with her name and phone number on it, then handed the paper to him with both hands.

Julian looked at the beautiful handwriting on the IOU, then at her fair and elegantly beautiful face. He shook his head with a smile and replied, “That won’t be necessary.” He knew that the old woman’s granddaughter had financial difficulties at present, so he had no intention of taking it.


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